7 Signs You Need a Home Window Repair in Ottawa

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Windows can contribute to 25% of energy loss in your home. The better condition your windows are in, the more likely they can keep up their job.

Are you unsure if you need home window repair in Ottawa? It is essential to address window repair quickly, as consequences will start sneaking into your home. For one, the Ottawa winter will make itself known, and that 25% of energy loss could make all the difference.

Here are seven signs it is time to call a residential glass company in Ottawa to repair your windows.

1. Constant Cold Drafts

Windows, doors, and skylights are often responsible for drafts in your home. If you keep noticing cold drafts, it is time to check your windows. You can also call a commercial glass company in Ottawa to investigate.

Cold drafts indicate that the seals on your windows could be failing. You need to keep your windows air-tight to protect drafts. Be sure to call a window repair company to fix the windows before the temperatures drop.

2. Faulty Window Issues

If water is getting into your home, it is time to search for glass repair in Ottawa. It may start with a bit of water, but all it takes is a heavy storm for you to wish you got window glass replacement sooner. A small leak can quickly cause mould growth too.

Other faulty window signs include a window that is difficult to open and close. It can be easy to ignore, but forcing your window into place can eventually damage it to the extent that your only choice is glass replacement. There may also be a mechanical issue or rust that needs to be addressed.

3. Condensation

Drawing on a foggy window can only keep you entertained for so long. Constant condensation on your windows or between window panes means airflow is getting inside. Something is failing in the window function, and there is a gap somewhere.

You can search for glass replacement in Ottawa to look at the issue. You might only need a glass repair, or the seals may need a repair. Condensation can also lead to mould problems, which is a threat to your health.

4. Visible Window Damage

Visible damage does not only look bad and can decrease the value of your home. One of the most obvious signs you need a window repair is visible damage to your windows.

Cracks, chipping, and broken glass also need urgent attention before the problem worsens. The glass could also crack completely and cause injury. Other typical visible damage to windows includes rotting, warping, mould, and decay.

It may be that your windows are old, and it is time to replace glass with services in Ottawa, which is also a great excuse to update your window style.

A window glass repair in Ottawa may replace the window glass or carry out weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is when your windows are sealed again.

5. No Noise Protection

You might not have visible damage or evidence that your windows are faulty, but there are other warning signs. A big one is if your windows are not providing adequate noise protection.

Unless there is a specific event or unusual sound, loud outdoor noises indicate a window issue. Whether you live in the centre of Ottawa or further afield, a noise level increase should be looked at, even if you like the sounds you can hear. Increased noise levels indicate that the insulation is failing on your windows.

Home window repair in Ottawa will reduce noise levels significantly. Some windows can reduce sounds by over half.

6. Bugs in Your Home

There will always be the odd bug or two in your home. But if they are suddenly getting their whole family to come over uninvited, a window could be to blame.

Bugs will find gaps in window screens and frames. It might not just be pesky bugs too, but mosquitoes and other bugs you want to avoid.

A temporary solution is to put all food away to stop enticing them. But sooner or later, you might need to call a commercial glass company in Ottawa to come and take a look.

They will find where the bugs are getting in and repair the window. Usually, this involves fixing and sealing holes. But they also may suggest window replacement if your windows are also causing other issues or are in poor condition.

7. Increasing Utility Bills

Are you wondering why your utility bills are creeping up for no reason? A faulty HVAC system could be the cause. But there is a second reason, which is often overlooked: you need home window repair.

The first step is to call your energy company for a breakdown of the costs. You can also get someone to inspect your thermostat and HVAC system. If everything seems normal, it is time to look at your windows.

Insulation can fail over time in windows as the seals begin to fail. Also, non-glazed windows cannot adequately block airflow if they are of poor quality. Or you may have a broken window that you have not noticed, as unusually high energy bills can be one of the first signs you need window repair.

Fixing your windows will not only reduce your bills. It will also stop your HVAC system from overworking, which can also cause it to deteriorate and need repair before it is due.

Home Window Repair in Ottawa

Do your windows have one or more signs? Get a home window repair in Ottawa sooner rather than later. Problems can worsen over time, impact other parts of your home, your wallet, and even your health.

The best replacement glass services in Ottawa will be honest about what services you need. Before you know it, you will be enjoying comfortable temperatures in your home again, with a great window aesthetic and only a few bugs.

Window Medics offer commercial window and glass repair in Ottawa, across Canada, and other locations in the US. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your window restoration.

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