5 Things to Remember When You Need Commercial Window Glass Repair

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The glass on your windows is constantly subjected to day-long heat, water, dust particles, dirt, and other elements that might cause damage. Thus, over time, with regular use, the glass becomes ineffective and can no longer be used- this is when you need commercial window glass repair services.


Glass repairing is not an easy task and needs expert guidance. All glass repairing and replacing companies do not offer the same quality of service. There are a few factors that you need to consider when you are thinking of hiring a company that provides window glass repair services:


1.     Repair or Replacement

Replacing glass is an expensive deed. It is of utmost importance to first note whether you need a glass repair or replacement service. A few scratches or fogging of windows might not always demand replacing the whole glass. These can be done away with expert repairing solutions. The company you hire must be able to guide you on such matters honestly.


2.     If They Specialize In Commercial Glass Repairs

Commercial glass windows are quite different from the ones you have at your home. They are usually much heavier, thicker, and made from different materials than the residential ones. They are also more durable. The process of repairing or replacing commercial glass windows is not similar to residential glass windows and needs a higher level of expertise. You should make sure that the company you are hiring specializes in commercial window glass repair and have prior experience.


3.     If They Can Cut Their Own Glass

Many glass repair companies are not equipped with the necessary tools and technologies required to cut glass. They depend on external glass cutting services. This might give rise to delayed work. A company that cuts its own glass will work much faster, as they will not have to send the glass away to others.


4.     Experience Matters

Repairing or replacing commercial glass requires a high level of skill, precision, and expertise that can only come from years of experience. A company that does not have a team of experienced experts in this field might fail to give you proper service. Thus, before you finalize on a company, read their reviews and check if they match your criteria.


5.     Cost-Effectiveness

Cost is always an essential factor when it comes to purchasing services. Commercial glass repair is a high-cost concern. Thus, you should ensure that you get the service that you are paying for. Hire only the best!



Window Medics offers top-class commercial window glass repair services and has a solution for all your glass-related problems. Our efficient team of experts will ensure that your windows function properly and seem as good as new! If you stay in the United States, Window Medics should be your first choice!

Many office buildings and hotels have glass doors at their entrance, and they always look clean. Ever wondered how they manage to keep them clean and welcoming all the time?


It turns out; it is not that easy to keep them clean all the time. But with a few tips and guides, you can achieve the same cleanliness too. Read ahead to know how to maintain your glass door so that it remains clean, protected, and long-lasting.


1. Regular cleaning


There are no tricks or shortcuts – if you want to clean glass doors, you have to clean them manually at regular intervals with microfiber cloth and glass cleaner. If there are any severe rains and winds, you might want to clean it immediately after.


If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, you can always hire a glass door repair company to do it for you.


2. Frequent inspection


Run a routine inspection of your glass door. Check if there are tiny cracks or any other damages. Remember that even the tiniest of cracks or damages can grow bigger and create significant damages. If you see any cracks, call a glass door repair company to fix the cracks without any delay.


3. Proper maintenance


Your glass door can easily last for upto 30 years, considering your focus on proper maintenance from time to time. You don’t have to contact any repair services in 30 years should you attend to your glass door when they require it.


But remember, inspection and maintenance frequency can vary for different door windows in different places. While a glass door installed in a high building or places closer to the sea or ocean will face more dirt from rains and winds, glass doors inside buildings or in clean localities might not face as much dirt and debris.


4. Keep the doors open


Glass doors in the bathroom have a higher chance of getting dirty soon. With high amounts of water splashes leading to water stains, glass doors are prone to etching and permanent damage.


Use sponges to clean your glass doors with proper cleaning solutions and keep them open to get rid of moisture in the bathrooms.


Work with Window Medics: A professional glass repair company


Working with your windows might seem like an easy task, but it requires professional expertise to fix, repair, and clean your windows up to your code. A professional company will know which cleaning solution to use and all the right tools and ingredients for proper maintenance and inspection.


Window Medics has provided professional services for over a decade and instantly became the customer’s favorite service. With a hardworking and expert team of professionals, your windows are in the best hands with Window Medics.

Replacing windows may be a good option for most households that can’t afford to do more, but if your windows are not bad now, you may still be able to afford to have them fixed. When you think about it, repairing the windows is an unusually complicated undertaking. You need to know about the fundamentals of windows and its functionality as well as possible and keep up with the new features.


For this reason, it is a wise decision to contact a professional window restoration company to fix your old windows. Here are some of the methods used in window restoration.


1. Defogging


Fog, moisture, and condensation are a few of the reasons your windows don’t function properly. They provide a blurred view to the outside and eventually shorters the lifespan of windows. And even when they are not supposed to, they look old and worn out.


There are many reasons for window fogging. Sometimes it can be poor room heating, improper ventilation, excess moisture from a hot shower, or hot food. The moisture, when you don’t have anywhere to escape, ends up fogging the windows.


Defogging is when the tiny holes on the outside window pane are drilled while allowing the space to dry and the holes are closed. This is not an easy or quick process and might take upto months.


2. Replacing the glass


Window glass sometimes has small cracks, either pressure cracks or impact cracks, and they shouldn’t be avoided at any cost. Not only are they an eyesore, but also a factor in your increased monthly energy bill.


Winds and drafts coming through tiny cracks are hard to notice, and you end up using the cooler or heater more depending on the weather and season.


While a temporary solution includes sealing with tapes, you cannot rely on them for longer. Eventually, you will have to consider a permanent professional repair of cracked glass or replace the glass altogether.


3. Fix exterior window casing


With time, the exterior casing of the windows gets loose, cracked, or rot. Sometimes this leads to a missing piece of the exterior casing. And this makes the windows look bad or sometimes causes failure in proper operating and closing the windows.


The repair of the old and damaged enclosure involves the restoration of the old enclosure or its complete replacement. After repair, the next step should be the glazing to prevent further wear and tear.




If you are looking for a window repairing company to fix your old windows, you can contact Window Medics. With over ten years of service, Window Medics is a trusted company and the fastest-growing company in the window industry in Ottawa.

Foggy windows are the worst. Apart from the distorted vision of the outside they offer, they are also extremely difficult to clean and restore to their original state. As a result, it is preferable to adhere to a few practices to avoid fogging. For the simple reason, that prevention is often preferable to cure.


Here are some of the best practices to follow the next time you want to avoid foggy windows.


1. Keep your windows clean


Fog cannot stay for long unless it has something to cling to. Clean any dirt, debris, or other particles from the windows which are accumulated for a long time. Moisture particles are always looking for a dirty surface to stick to. So, make sure you are cleaning your windows using a proper cloth with a glass cleaner.



2. Remove humidity


It doesn’t matter winter or summer; you can turn on your AC or the fan. This works great in removing humidity and heat. The heat and humidity in the air inside the room fog up the windows, and with fans and AC you can maintain the temperature.


You can also use the dehumidifier, which is quiet and energy-efficient and will efficiently remove moisture from the air and ensure zero condensation on your windows.



3. Add protection to your windows


Window insulation is an affordable solution when it comes to keeping your windows function properly. Adding a window film on the top of your windows will regulate temperature and prevent moisture from getting between the window panes.


Not only will you prevent windows fogging but also save monthly energy bills significantly after adding window films.


4. Invest in energy-efficient windows


Either it is a new home or an old one, consider investing in energy-efficient windows. These high-quality windows save upto 30% of your home’s energy use. They protect you from the cold weather and maintain the temperature, helping you get rid of excessive moisture.



5. Ensure correct installation of windows


Contact commercial window foggy repair company or agency for windows installation. Improper installation of the windows and failing to install it upto the code can cause failure on your direct-set glass and seals.


6. Proper ventilation


Do you have a fireplace? If yes, you should install proper ventilation. Even while cooking food or showering with hot water can form excess moisture that will fog up your windows. The accumulated moisture will make your windows foggy unless they find anywhere else to go.




As a professional commercial window foggy repair company, Window Medics has a unique solution to all-glass defogging. With a team of experts, you can rely on Window Medics for glass defogging, making it all shiny and new again.

Fogging up of windows happens for various reasons but mostly results in one thing -blurred view of the outside. But apart from condensation, you can sometimes also see water collecting around your window frames.


So, can you repair a foggy windows? Before we learn about foggy house windows repair expert, we’ll take a look at different solutions for your fogged-up windows. You must know the causes and what you can do to repair them.


1. Exterior condensation of the windows


When condensation occurs on the exterior surface of your window glass, it doesn’t mean your windows are faulty. It is quite normal. Condensation on the exterior glass occurs when the window glass is colder than the dew points outside. This is often seen during the chilly mornings when the window is cool and the environment around it is starting to warm up.


Exterior condensations don’t last long and often go away when the glass warms up.

Although it doesn’t affect the window’s health, you might still want to get rid of the foggy windows, for which you can use window protection that is designed to repel water.


2. Interior condensation


Interior condensation occurs when the humidity inside your home is higher than the humidity on the outside. Many times, when we cook, take a hot shower, the humidity can increase significantly. Sometimes, condensation trapped inside the windows itself can cause interior condensation.


Interior condensation cannot be called entirely harmless because this can later damage your insides and form an environment for molds and mildews to grow.


Use suitable glass cleaning products to clean the grime on the glass. Moistures find it easier to hold on to grimes, resulting in foggy windows. If interior condensation occurs, open your windows. Or use a dehumidifier to get rid of the humidity.





3. In between panes condensation


If your exterior glass and interior glass don’t have condensation, but your windows are still foggy, then there is a chance you can call them faulty. And it means that there is moisture build-up in between the panes. Most of the time, it is the result of the window’s seal wearing out, either because of the lifespan of the windows or because your glass is broken.


This situation normally has one solution – get a window replacement. But there are new processes that can get your windows back to their original condition without replacing them. The process is called defogging, and although it is quite a time-consuming process, it is worth investing in.



Foggy House Windows Repair by Window Medics


Window Medics has been providing foggy house windows repair service since 2004. With years of experience, Window Medics has now developed a unique and patented defogging process, which is not only cheaper than window glass replacements but can also extend the lifespan of your windows upto 20 years.

Most homes in Ottawa are equipped with double-pane glass doors. The door is usually at the main entrance or leading to the garden or patio. These doors come with a lifespan and as a homeowner, you should be prepared for the doors to turn foggy. Once that happens, you may end up spending a lot of money to replace foggy doors. However, if you choose a glass door repair service, you do not have to worry about replacing the affected door.


Why Do Glass Doors Get Cloudy?

Double-pane doors have air between the two sheets of glass. When the doors are exposed to sunlight, the air between the glass heats and expands. This expanded air exerts pressure on the glass and to ensure that the glass does not get damaged, a little bit of the expanded air is released into the surroundings.


When the door cools, usually in the evening, the air between the glass sheets cools and contracts. This once again creates unequal pressure and to compensate for that, air from the surroundings enters through semi-permanent seals, and the pressure balance is restored. This process is known as solar pumping.


The air entering from the atmosphere has moisture, which is absorbed by a silica desiccant present between the two sheets of glass. Once the desiccant gets saturated, it can no longer absorb the moisture. As a result, the moisture condenses and the glass turns foggy or cloudy. You will not be able to get rid of the cloudiness even if you wipe the glass. That is because the condensation occurs between the two sheets of glass.


Window Medics can help you with this problem. It uses a patented technique and specialized equipment to carry out foggy glass door repair and restoration.


Why Repair Foggy Glass Doors?

The cost of repairing a foggy glass door is 50% to 70% cheaper than replacing the door. Not only that, the repair technique used by Window Medics restores the thermal insulating property of the door. It will also enhance the life of the door by up to 20 years. Hence, you do not have to get stressed about replacing the door for the next few years.


Considering that this method of repairing foggy glass doors is cost-effective, most homeowners opt for it. It helps them save money while restoring the integrity and functioning of the door.



When you see that your glass door has turned foggy, do not get stressed. Instead, call the experts at Window Medics. They will visit your home to inspect the door and if it does not have any major issues, they will provide you with a cost-effective and result-oriented glass door repair. Once the repair and restoration are complete, you will notice the difference.

Double- and triple-pane windows are energy-efficient and if they spring a leak, it will increase your heating and cooling costs. However, most homeowners do not realize that their thermal windows have a leak. That is why it is a good thing to periodically check the windows and watch for signs. That way, you can opt for window leak repair and restore the energy efficiency of the affected windows.


Signs of Window Leak

Thermal windows have air between the glass panes. This air insulates your home and also prevents ambient noises from entering. While these windows are not hermetically sealed, the seal can deteriorate with time, resulting in the trapped air leaking out or allowing moisture-rich air from the atmosphere to enter.


The most obvious sign of a window leak is fogginess. However, this cloudiness develops over time and you may not notice the leak until the glass pane clouds. It is prudent to remember that thermal windows come with a lifespan and usually, this is determined by the quality of the silica desiccant that manufacturers use. This desiccant absorbs moisture and that prevents the panes from getting cloudy.


Initially, when your thermal windows spring a leak, there will be no cloudiness. That is because the desiccant will work to absorb the moisture that enters through the broken seal or cracked glass pane. Hence, you will not know that the windows are compromised. However, with time, the desiccant will get saturated and the moisture, which will be unable to escape, will condense. This results in foggy windows.


Repairing and Restoring Foggy Windows

Previously, homeowners had no alternative but to replace foggy windows. This used to be a pretty expensive undertaking. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. You can now opt for window leak repair that will get rid of the fogginess and also restore the insulating properties of the affected windows.


If you choose a specialist repair professional like Window Medics, you will be thrilled to hear that the patented repair and restoration technique that they use can also enhance the life of the windows by up to 20 years, though the average is 12 years.


The cost of window leak repair is 50% to 70% less than the cost of replacing the affected windows. Hence, it is a more appealing option for most homeowners. And, if they add the other benefits of the repair, they will immediately realize that repairing is a better solution than replacing the leaking windows.


The Bottom Line

If you find that your windows have turned foggy, the most common reason is a leak. It is advisable to consult a professional window repair and restoration service to find the best possible solution, which is usually window leak repair.

Double- and triple-pane windows are manufactured with a specific lifespan in mind, and once these windows reach the end of their life, most homeowners believe that the only solution is replacing the windows. As a homeowner, you may notice that your windows have turned foggy. This is an indication that the windows have reached the end of their life. You needn’t worry about spending a lot of money on these windows as you can opt for cost-effective cloudy windows repair.

Why Windows Turn Cloudy?
Thermal windows undergo a process known as solar pumping. Here, the air between the glass panes heats and expands when the windows are exposed to sunlight. The expanded air exerts pressure on the glass panes. To alleviate this pressure, a little bit of the air is released into the surroundings.

When the windows cool down, which usually happens in the evenings, the expanded air contracts. To compensate for the difference in pressure, air from the surroundings enters the space between the glass panes. This air has moisture, and it is absorbed by the silica desiccant that is present on the space bar.

This process is known as solar pumping and continues throughout the life of the window. It is this process that ultimately leads to cloudy windows. The cloudiness occurs when the desiccant gets saturated and cannot absorb any more moisture. This moisture condenses and adheres to the glass panes, resulting in cloudiness.

Fixing Clouding Windows
If you want to replace cloudy windows, you will find out that it will be a rather expensive undertaking. Thankfully, you can opt for cloudy windows repair that can not only get rid of the cloudiness but also restore the thermal insulating properties of the window. Furthermore, the repair and restoration can increase the life of the windows by up to 20 years.

Window Medics uses an innovative technique to repair and restore cloudy windows. This technique ensures that you do not have to spend money to replace the affected windows. When you choose to repair and restore cloudy windows, you save nearly 50% to 70% of the cost of replacing the windows. This is a significant amount. You also enjoy more savings as the windows once again become energy-efficient and you do not have to think of replacing them anytime soon.

The Bottom Line
Cloudy windows repair definitely is a better solution for homeowners as it enables them to save a lot of money without compromising the effectiveness and efficiency of the windows. So, if you notice that your windows have turned foggy or beginning to show signs of cloudiness, do not be in a hurry to replace them. Instead, choose specialist cloudy windows repair services to restore and fix the windows. You will be happy with the results.

Thermal windows are designed to be energy-efficient and keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. That is because these windows have air between the glass panes and this helps to insulate the windows. However, if the glass cracks, the air between the panes escapes outside and this affects the functioning of the windows. Also, moisture from the atmosphere enters the space between the glass panes, and over time, this can lead to foggy windows.


The good news is that you do not have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to replace windows with a cracked glass pane. Instead, you can repair glass crack and restore the window to its former glory.


What Happens When Window Panes Crack?

When the glass pane cracks, you may not notice anything initially. However, even during the initial stages, your window will experience problems. You may suddenly find that the view of the outside is distorted or the windowpane gets cloudy.


When the pane is cracked, the trapped air between the panes escapes outside and moisture from the surroundings will enter. The silica desiccant present in the space bar will absorb this moisture so you will not notice anything different about the affected window. However, as the desiccant starts getting saturated, the problems will be more obvious.


The windowpane will turn foggy and no how much you clean the pane, you will not be able to get rid of the fogginess. Furthermore, a window that has a crack is not energy-efficient and this will increase your heating and cooling costs.


The Solution for Cracked Window Panes

Under normal circumstances, you will have to spend a lot of money to replace a window with a crack. This often deters homeowners from replacing the affected windows. Today, window restoration and repair technology has advanced quite a bit and it is now possible to fix windows with cracked panes.


Window Medics is an expert in repairing and restoring cracked windows. The company uses a patented technique that not only fixes the problem but also restores the thermal insulating properties of the window. Also, the repair technique helps to increase the life of the affected window by up to 20 years.


The cost of repairing and restoring a window is extremely affordable. In fact, homeowners can save between 50% and 70% of the cost of replacing the affected window. This makes window repair a more attractive proposition.


The Bottom Line

If you notice that a thermal window in your home has developed a crack, don’t be in a hurry to replace the window. Instead, get in touch with the experts at Window Medics to avail of their services. The professionals have the right knowledge and equipment to efficiently and effectively repair glass crack and restore the functioning of thermal windows. As far as possible, the experts will look to salvage the window. They will suggest replacement only if the glass is beyond repair.



Appearance is very important for commercial properties. The way a commercial property looks will have a profound effect on the business and the opinion customers have about the business. Hence, it is essential that commercial property owners maintain their properties, including the windows.


Most commercial properties have double and triple glass windows. These windows insulate the properties and ensure cold and heat do not make their way into the space. They also provide noise insulation. However, the way these windows are made leaves them susceptible to fogginess. And, when that happens, property owners and managers may wonder whether it is possible to defog commercial windows or will they have to spend a lot of money to replace the affected windows.


Why Do Windows Become Foggy?

Double- and triple-pane windows have air between the two glass panes. This air heats and expands when the windows are exposed to sunlight. This exerts pressure on the glass and to alleviate this pressure, a small amount of air is released into the surroundings through semi-permanent seals.


Once the windows cool down, the expanded air contracts. Hence, air from the surroundings enters the space between the two glass panes. This air contains moisture. To ensure that the moisture does not affect the clarity of the glass panes, it is absorbed by the silica desiccant present on the space bar.


This process is known as solar pumping and continues throughout the life of the windows. However, the desiccant tends to get saturated after a few years. When that happens, the moisture that is present between the glass panes cannot escape. So, it condenses, leading to foggy windows.


The fogginess does not occur overnight. Initially, the fogginess may come and go and you may notice that when you look outside, the view is distorted. Once the desiccant gets completely saturated, the fogginess will become permanent. No matter how much your janitorial service tries to clean the windows, the fogginess will not disappear.


Most commercial property owners automatically assume that replacing foggy windows is the only solution. It is not. They can find a professional window repair and restoration service, like Window Medics, that specializes in defogging commercial windows.


Why Defog Commercial Windows?

The cost of replacing foggy windows is expensive. However, if you choose to defog the affected windows, you will save between 50% and 70% of the cost of replacing these windows. Also, using a professional like Window Medics will not only defog the glass panes but also restore the thermal insulating properties of the windows. The patented technique used by Window Medics also increases the life of the windows by up to 20 years.


So, if you notice that your commercial property’s windows have become foggy, do not replace them. Instead, choose to defog commercial windows by hiring a specialist repair and restoration company like Window Medics.