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Which is the Best Commercial Glass Company in Ottawa?

How many glass companies must you go through or experience before finding the right fit? You may be up for trying them all out, albeit it will be crazy expensive. So why not invest some time reading about a few factors that an ideal commercial window glass company? As it will save you money, time, […]

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Commercial Foggy Window Repair

Where do I get Windows Glass Replacement Service in Ottawa?

The durability of your window glass is supposed to be around 15-20 years, but it all comes down to the nature of the homeowner and how often they invest in window and door glass maintenance. An ideal window replacement company in Ottawa provides all kinds of window glass replacement services. Glass Replacement also has its […]

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Foggy Window Repair Ottawa

How do you repair a cracked glass window?

Cracked window glass might not be a ubiquitous sight, but it’s not entirely surprising, either. Small accidents like a cricket ball might hit the window glass and cause a crack on it. And when you keep it unattended, this same crack could lead to major damage, eventually making your window glass shatter. Repairing the glass […]

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Crack Glass Repair Service Ottawa

Which is the best residential window glass repair company in Ottawa?

Are you looking for the best residential window glass repair company in Ottawa? Look no more, for Window Medics is here to your aid. Broken window glass can be quite the menace to DIY and subsequently lead to issues associated with your safety and that of those around you, including your beloved family. So, the […]

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How to Choose Between Window Repair or Replacement and Gain the Most Efficiency?

Have you spent a lot of time scrutinizing your windows? Is there a draft there? Do you think they may be overworked? Have they had enough of the storms, the downpours, and the windy days? They might have become excessively rigid and challenging to use. Whatever the reason, it’s probably past time to replace your […]

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Signs You Should Invest in Window Replacement Service

Do you know how old is your window? Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t know when their windows were placed, so even though they might seem in fine shape, they could need repair. If you want to replace the glass in your home’s windows, you’ll need to hire a qualified expert like Window Medics. First, however, you […]

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