Can Foggy Window Be Cleared Or Replaced?

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Foggy windows are the result of a problem of insulation in the windows. Typically, there is a seal installed in insulated windows, which, upon breaking, causes windows to become foggy.  In case the seal of the window does not prevent it from being fogged, it might require you to replace windows. Windows mostly appear to be foggy when the seal around the insulated window fails to function correctly.


This dilemma can commonly occur in the case of windows that have thermal panes. Inside two layers of glass, the air is sealed, and with time and gradual contraction and expansion of the window cause the seals to weaken, and thus, foggy windows are seen because it lets the water vapor get inside the space between two panes. But this does not require the owner of the window to replace the window altogether.


Methods to deal with foggy windows


Hiring a professional for defogging process


Window Medics, provides defogging services for windows glass as the most cost-effective and long-term solution. Window defogging can improve sight through your windows while also improving their appearance. Although the defogging procedure does not restore the window’s former level of insulation, some homeowners are satisfied with the visual enhancements.


Replacing Foggy Window Glass


Foggy windows can be dealt with by replacing the glass of the windows with new ones as the seal of the older one is unlikely to be fixed. Another method to deal with the dilemma of foggy windows is to drill the window to remove the moisture that led to the window getting foggy.


Both these methods are very effective in clearing fogged windows, but it is advised to prefer the first method. Since the foggy windows might have a faulty seal, taking out the moisture can be a temporary fix as fog can accumulate sooner, given that the seal is not changed. In the first method, the newly replaced glass has a new seal, preventing the window from getting fogged sooner. The latter is a very cost-effective method.


A replacement of the Insulated Glass Unit can remove fog from windows, even though this method is complicated. The technique can be successful if the window seal is replaced or the second pane of glass. This method is cost-effective and cheaper than it takes to replace a whole window but is very complicated. In case the windows in question are old, it is much better to replace the window.

A defogging spray can be a great instrument to apply to the windows. This spray ensures that the windows are prevented from fogging.


Method of drilling moisture out of windows


In this strategy of removing moisture from the panes of windows, the glass is tampered with by drilling small holes into it to remove the stains and moistures, if any, and then after it is cleared, the holes are tightly shut by plugging plastic vents. This method is very cost-friendly, and while it does not restore the insulating capacity of the window, it creates new insulation that resists the window from being fogged.


Mechanism and causes of foggy windows


Windows are made with Insulated Glass Unit that is installed in them. This unit helps in doubling the energy efficiency of the glass windows. These windows can get fogged only if there is a seal deterioration around the Insulated Glass Unit. These problems are mainly seen in windows that are ages old, have a lot of exposure to water, or excessive exposure to heat.


During heavy rains or floods, the windows’ seals might take a lot of damage which will lead to foggy windows. Excessive heat will cause an expansion into the air between the space of two panes since heat expands. This will lead to the breakage of the seal, which will lead to foggy windows. Since old windows endured opening and closing them, rains, heat, the seal will eventually loosen its grasp over time.




While there are various ways through which windows can be defogged. It is essential to ensure that the windows at houses are not accumulating fog as building up of fog would cause the windows to catch molds. It is always advised to replace the windows, which might strain the pocket, but will restore the windows and make them everlasting. It is essential to keep the windows free of fogging lest the molds might spread throughout the house, putting a strain on the energy bills.


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