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As a homeowner or even a business owner, you need to understand how important windows are to your home or building. They help keep out harsh weather, temperature fluctuations, insects, and intruders as well as keep your home insulated and energy-efficient so that you can reduce your electricity bills as well as your carbon footprint. Windows also go through a lot of wear and tear, from broken hinges, worn out seals, cracked glass, and more and if this happens you need to immediately call your local commercial window replacement in Ottawa to repair and restore your windows.


Professionals not only undergo years of training but come equipped with the best tools, equipment, and products and know exactly how to repair your window quickly and efficiently. Here are some reasons why a professional window glass repair service is the best thing to opt for.


Advantages of professional window glass repair


  • Skilled and experienced

When it comes to commercial window replacement in Ottawa, well-established companies like Ottawa Window Medics undergo years of training and experience in window repair and restoration. Ottawa Window Medics has special patented processes which provide them with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to do their job well. These experts know the state and local laws as well as the safety guidelines to follow and bring the right equipment that allows them to get the job done safely and efficiently. Replacing your windows not only falls expensive but is also time-consuming and a complete hassle. Moreover, you may not get the same glass unit or even the same paneling which can affect the aesthetics of your home or building and reduce the resale value of your property.


Local Ottawa Window Medics will be able to analyze your issue and repair it within a limited timeframe at an affordable cost which makes it easier on you.


  • They can repair certain issues

When it comes to your windowpanes, certain issues like foggy windows, broken seals, and worn-out hinges may lead some customers to believe that they need to replace the entire unit but this isn’t so. Most homes are fitted with double or triple thermal insulated glass panes along with an inert gas like argon, filled in the space between the panes, to keep your home warm and slow the transfer of heat. These windows are not hermetically sealed as they can explode if exposed to high temperatures. These windows are manufactured with a certain lifespan in mind and are all dependent on the quality of the silica desiccant used in the space.


During the summer months, the temperature outside increases and this causes the gas in the space between the panes to expand and pressure builds up in the void. To reduce this pressure, tiny amounts of air are forced out through the semi-permanent seal. In the evening, once the weather cools down, the pressure reduces and the air is drawn back in from outside. This air naturally contains tiny amounts of moisture which is absorbed by the silica desiccant in the window space bar. But after years of doing this, the silica desiccant becomes saturated and can no longer absorb the moisture which enters and starts building up on the inside of the glass creating a foggy effect.


When this happens, you don’t need to rip out your windows and replace them. Very few companies like Ottawa Window Medics have developed a special patented process that allows them to defog your windows and restore them to their original condition for up to 20 years. This brings back your visibility and thermal insulation and allows you to enjoy energy efficiency again.


  • Time efficiency

When it comes to issues like foggy windows, or damaged seals never wait to call your local Ottawa Window Medics as it can lead to your pane being damaged or compromised which can let in cold air and affect your energy efficiency. Also, if you wait too long to get it repaired, it can compromise your glass and you may need to replace the entire unit which can affect the aesthetics of your home as well as reduce the resale value of your building. Ottawa Window Medics are systematic and organized and they can quickly and efficiently repair your windowpane as well as provide you tips and products on how to look after it the next time so that the same issue doesn’t happen.


  • Safety and peace of mind

Different windows have varying characteristics and different techniques to repair them. As a layman, you don’t have the proper skills, training, or knowledge to repair your windows and so you should avoid DIY your panes. If you do, you might end up injuring yourself or even your family, especially if you have small kids and pets running around. You may even damage the window so much that repair won’t be possible and you’ll need to spend extra to get it replaced.


Ottawa Window Medics have the right tools, products, and equipment for the job. They also have the skills, training, and proficiency to repair your windowpanes and minimize the chances of damage as well as ensure that the project is executed well.


  • Eco-friendly techniques

Replacing window panes leads to a large number of discarded panes in the landfills which pollute the environment. Keeping this in mind few well-known companies like Ottawa Window Medics did extensive market research and analysis and came up with a special patented process that allows them to defog your windows and restore them to their original condition. This not only saves dozens of window panes from ending up in the environment but any other waste products are all removed safely from the site and recycled. Being an efficient and responsible window glass repair and restoration company, Ottawa Window Medics always values your property and will provide you the best advice along with new products, tools, and equipment that will not only help your home but the environment as well.


In Conclusion

Windows can have issues at any time, but you need to ensure that you always call a professional and not try to handle it by yourself. Professionals are well trained, experienced, skilled and knowledgeable and they do their best to restore your window to its original condition so that you can enjoy the full advantage of energy savings again.

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