Why Window Medics is the Go-To Service Provider for Window Glass Replacement

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The condition of your home’s windows throughout the year has a significant impact on its energy performance and comfort levels. If your windows are broken or old, there is a good chance they will not perform effectively. When this happens, it is best to replace them or, at the absolute least, have them examined by a specialist. Window Glass Replacement is ideal and recommended if you feel like you cannot salvage your current window glass, and a professional would be able to give you a detailed analysis.

The loss of energy efficiency in your windows does not happen suddenly; rather, it happens gradually over a period of months or even years. As a result, how can you tell when they’ve grown inefficient and need to be replaced? Home windows typically last 15-20 years before the seals begin to degrade or fail, resulting in drafts and possibly water seepage. Additionally, single-pane windows were the conventional choice over 15 years ago. These windows, however, lack sufficient insulation and do not have the same level of energy efficiency as modern double-pane windows.

Why Window Medics is the Go-To Service Provider for Window Glass Replacement?

Window Medics should be your first choice when it concerns replacing your window glass for a multitude of reasons. For starters, their industry knowledge and experience extend professional and high-quality glass replacement services. You may rely on their professional specialists to complete the task quickly and precisely.

Window Medics provides a variety of glass alternatives to meet your individual requirements. They offer a solution for you whether you need energy-efficient glass, soundproofing glass, or increased security glass. They understand the significance of selecting glass that not only improves the functioning of your house but also enhances its looks.

Window Medics is well-known for its dedication to client satisfaction. They stress exceptional customer service, making certain that your questions and concerns are handled throughout the process.



When Should You Replace Your Windows?

It is critical to keep an eye out for any signs that indicate the need for replacement window glass. If you see any of these indicators, you should think about getting replacement window glass.

  1. Your Windows Are Visibly Damaged: The emergence of cracks is one of the most obvious signs that you should replace your window glass. When it comes to a home’s structural stability, cracks are never a good indicator. Damaged or cracked windows are more likely to shatter completely, resulting in serious repercussions such as water seepage, mildew development, and insect ingress. Furthermore, visible window damage might make your property more exposed to potential attackers. It is critical to fix a damaged window as soon as possible to secure the safety of your family and to avoid more expensive repairs in the future.
  2. Your Windows Are Drafty: Drafts can be difficult for a variety of reasons that go beyond being a mere annoyance. For starters, they cause the air you’re actively cooling to escape while letting hot, humid air from outside to enter. As a result, drafty windows make rooms seem less comfortable and maybe more humid than the rest of your home. Second, drafts cause outside air to enter your house, forcing your HVAC system to work harder to maintain the proper temperature inside your home. Follow these procedures to check for drafts: Close your window and lock it, then position your palm at the bottom or top of the window sash where it meets the frame. A draft is indicated by the existence of a flow of air coming in. It is recommended that you repeat the test on other windows in your home to find any further drafts.
  3. Your Electric Bills Are Higher: There are various factors that can contribute to a significant increase in your electric bills. However, if you have observed a gradual rise in your energy expenses, your windows might be the culprit. As mentioned earlier, drafts allow the conditioned air inside your house to escape, leading to your HVAC system working harder in order to maintain the desired temperature you have set. Consequently, this increased workload not only drives up your electric bills but also shortens the lifespan of your HVAC unit. By replacing old window glass with new, energy-efficient ones, you can effectively reduce your monthly bills.
  4. Condensation Forms On The Inside of Your Windows: When you see condensation on the inside of your windows, it usually means one of two things: your windows are allowing air leakage, or your home has an excessive amount of humidity. Condensation between the panes of your double or triple-pane windows indicates a breach in the airtight seal, enabling the insulating gas to escape. Except for the outside, moisture on the interior or between the panes is a strong indicator that your windows should be replaced.
  5. Your Windows Don’t Dampen Sound: If your residence is situated near a bustling intersection, venues, or train tracks, or you have noisy neighbors, you may believe that there’s no solution to mitigate the noise. However, due to its enhanced insulation, modern double or triple-pane window glass offers significant sound-dampening capabilities.
  6. Your Windows Have a Harder Time Functioning: Over the course of its lifespan, every window can encounter difficulties when it comes to opening and closing. However, if you have repeatedly cleaned and attempted to fix the issue over the years, only to find that the windows continue to worsen, it is likely a sign that window glass replacement is necessary. Dealing with a persistently stuck window can be highly frustrating, and there is also the risk of it becoming stuck in an open position, leaving your home vulnerable to the elements.
  7. Increase Your Home Value: Regardless matter how much you love your house, it is difficult to foretell the future. If you decide to sell your property in the future, maximizing its worth is obviously a top goal. By installing replacement vinyl window glass, you have the ability to raise the total value of your property by an average amount.

These are a few of the situations that will help you decide whether you should replace the window glass in your home. Reach out to Window Medics for window glass replacement services in Ottawa. Contact the experts at 613-519-1317 or write an email to ottawa@windowmedics.com.

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