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The durability of your window glass is supposed to be around 15-20 years, but it all comes down to the nature of the homeowner and how often they invest in window and door glass maintenance. An ideal window glass replacement company in Ottawa provides all kinds of window glass replacement services.


Glass Replacement also has its Benefits like:

  • Reduced energy bills, or loss or gain of heat
  • Reduced noise from outside – or complete noise cancellation when it comes to new window glass
  • Increased home aesthetics
  • Warranty periods

window glass replacement company in Ottawa


Your Window Glass Replacement service in Ottawa

If you are searching for a window glass replacement service in Ottawa, we encourage you to look for a company that is easily available and accessible. For example, Window Medics is a company that is available in most parts of Ottawa, and you can easily access its services – even when you are looking for emergency service.


When should we look for Window Glass Replacement?

There are many tell-tale signs that say you should replace your window or door glass, but if you are not sure of them. Take a look at this:


Is your Window Glass foggy?

Damaged seals are a greater culprit than they might seem. The more you ignore the issues, the more they find a way to damage your property. Broken seals damage the coatings between the panes. And when the silica desiccants in, the windows can no longer keep your windows dry, and you end up with foggy window glass.

Do you have a broken Window Glass Pane?

There are different degrees of damage to window glass – and in most cases, small cracks only get treatments like repair because they are affordable. Treatments like window glass replacement are preferred only when the existing window glass has been damaged beyond repair.


Are your Windows cranky?

Sometimes along with the window glass, you will find that the whole frame is cranky. Your window glass might have paint or grime that doesn’t seem to go away, and the window components are not well-adjusted to each other anymore. And instead of spending money fixing them over and over again, it’s better to invest in a window replacement.


Are you experiencing drafts?

If your window doesn’t fit into its frame as it’s supposed to, chances are you will be experiencing drafts. Although experiencing drafts in modern homes is not an easy sign to tell off, what you can take care to notice is to check whether you have been spending more and more on energy bills in the winter seasons. If yes, then maybe your home is experiencing drafts. Check your windows to confirm the same.


Do you have worn or rotted frames?

Rotted frames are a big risk as well. It is mostly beyond repair and requires an immediate replacement.

window glass replacement company in Ottawa


Why Choose Window Medics for your window glass replacement?

Window Medics offers emergency services.

Window Medics has multiple teams of contractors ready to reach a premise as soon as possible. Even when you are looking for emergency service on commercial property, our company can dispatch a team for your situation anytime.

You can also book same-day service with us, and the team will evaluate your site to see whether you are eligible for the same.


Window Medics is experienced.

Even before Window Medics was founded, the company’s founder commercialized window restoration technology. The company was started two years after, in 2004. After that, they started founding training facilities. They expanded to the United Kingdom in a span of 4 years after the foundation.

All the contractors are trained, and all the service locations have gone through official training sessions, which means no matter where you are acquiring the services, you will receive equal-level services.


Window Medics is a reputable business.

Window Medics has been in business for over a decade now. In a very short time, this company has managed to grow exponentially. It has many customers rely on their service blindly. The company has also developed a window glass restoration process called defogging process. The process is a way to not only fix the foggy window glass but also restore its insulation property in some cases and save enough expense.

window glass replacement company in Ottawa



Window Medics believes in an environmental philosophy where sustainable living or reusing the same materials is easier and more useful. Processes like defogging are a way to use the same materials by cleaning and restoring their quality without using more new materials and disposing of the old ones in the environment.

Get in touch with a Window Medics expert at 613-519-1317. You can also send an email at ottawa@windowmedics.com

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