How do you repair a cracked glass window?

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Cracked window glass might not be a ubiquitous sight, but it’s not entirely surprising, either. Small accidents like a cricket ball might hit the window glass and cause a crack on it. And when you keep it unattended, this same crack could lead to major damage, eventually making your window glass shatter.

Repairing the glass crack in Ottawa earlier will help you avoid paying more than the required expense.

Before proceeding with how to fix glass cracks, let’s ensure first why window glass cracks.

Why does window glass cracks?

Temperature Stress

This might also be because of the quality of glass, but when the temperature has extreme fluctuations, this could lead to a temperature difference between the inside and outside that is overwhelming. This can lead to small cracks on the edge of the window glass – but make sure to inspect them thoroughly because these cracks can be small and unnoticeable. But this will not be long until they are noticed.

Hard Impacts

If your home is open and there are kids playing nearby, then you can expect window glass cracks as a result of hard impacts. Sometimes, a ball like a baseball or any other similar object could go rogue and hit your window glass, making a crack. Sometimes, you may also experience rock making an impact on your glass.

It might also be that strong winds or hailstorms are making your window glass crack in many parts.

Pressure Changes

If your window glass has been installed by an inexperienced, chances are window glass is forced to adjust in a certain way. And eventually, one day, this could lead to extreme pressure and crack of window glass.

Are you looking for quick fixing of your window glass? While we don’t encourage DIY repairs, this is all you got in case you cannot reach an emergency glass service.

How to repair your window glass?

1.Use masking tape

Tapes can be a temporary fix and is a very quick procedure that can avoid further damage to your window glass. If you have recently experienced hard-impact cracks, you can use masking tapes to apply them to the crack. If the tape is clear, it is better because it will give an impression that you are not using one.

Before applying the tape, see if there is a way you can clean the surface. Although, the crack is messy – as in if the glass shows damage in tiny details, you may end up hurting yourself. After cleaning, apply tapes on both sides of the glass. To ensure that the adhesion works, you can use more layers of tape. Don’t cut the tape right where the crack stop, and try to extend it to the surrounding space even when it’s not broken.

2.Use a thick plastic

Transparent thick plastic is available for various reasons, and you can use that to cover the crack temporarily. Cut a piece of plastic, making sure it covers the crack adequately, and after putting the plastic over the crack, apply tape on all sides to hold it together. You can repeat the same steps on both sides.

3. Use nail polish

Clear nail polish is a common thing in most homes. Even if you do not have it, you can easily buy it at affordable rates. The best part is that you don’t even need a branded one for this.

Use the nail polish to fill in the crack – you can use the brush that comes with it. Don’t forget to clean the glass first if possible. But make sure you are adding a good amount of nail polish. Once the polish is dried off, you can apply it again, at least 4-5 times. Considering you have a small crack, you will find that this hack works well enough for a temporary fix.

4.A patch of nylon?

This could work really well if you know how to do it. If you have nylon stockings, cut out a piece from them, and use super glue to the edges. If you can do it right, this patch can prevent drafts from coming in. But of course, it is not a beautiful sight.

Keep the patch pressed until the glue is dry and sticks to the window glass.


You might find endless ways to fix your window glass – some ridiculous and some that are amazing. But all of them would be a temporary and quick fix. This is why calling window glass service is available for emergency service.

In case you are facing glass crack issues, you can call Window Medics for an emergency glass repair service. A dedicated team will be dispatched to your location without any delay and will recommend appropriate window glass solutions.

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