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Windows repair and replacement are great dilemmas we go through at least once. Thus, it becomes hard to make the right decision. It is because you must take care of various factors for that. They include the intensity of the repair, your budget, and many more. Hence, it becomes important to take the right step accordingly. Don’t worry; we can solve your problem for window repair or window replacement. Please read below to know what you need to do.

Window Glass Repair

Signs You Need to Know for Window Repair

These are the following signs that you must understand if your window needs repairing –

  • Water Damage

Firstly, one of the common reasons you need window repair is water damage. Sometimes, water damage enters the home through chips present in the glass. It can also enter through the gap in the window frame.

However, it can be really hard to handle water damage the right way. But you can call Window Medics for window glass repair in Ottawa to fix the panes if there are cracks or glass is incorrectly installed. As a result, you will not have to worry about replacing the window altogether.


  • Broken Mullions

Wooden mullions separate glass panes and resemble cross patterns. They can serve a decorative or supportive purpose for windows. Hence, ensure you do a quick inspection before you finally decide on repairing or replacing. Getting window repair will help you save a lot of money and get the job done efficiently.


  • There is an issue with the opening and closing of windows.

Thirdly, having a problem closing and opening windows is another sign that they need repairing. Do you know that stuck window panes can also be a fire hazard? This problem is more prevalent in older homes with wood sashes.

Thus, immediately call professionals when the window sashes are thick or loose. Also, notice if the window frame is twisted, among other factors, before deciding.


  • Rotting of Drip Cap

Then, you need to check whether the drip cap is rotting. Also, if it is made of wood, it can rot easily. This drip cap sets on the frame that helps in preventing moisture from entering. Whatever the case is, you need repair for drip caps.

However, it is easy to fix, and you don’t need to install new windows. Just a window repair can help in improving the situation. Also, you can save a lot of money.


  • Peeling or Chipped Paint

When the exterior paint for your window starts to chip, it can be a major drawback. Moreover, you can easily handle this by replacing the chipped paint with a new coat. But, before that, you must consult a professional to know the intensity of the damage.


  • Poor Condition of Caulking

Replacing caulking is necessary when drafts develop in a window. Caulking is used as a sealant to fill gaps and also in crown molding and bathtubs.

This is a serious problem needing your urgent attention because windows may provide the only escape route during a fire, and this is a serious problem needing your urgent attention.

When the caulking on a window begins to wear, it can allow cold wind, moisture, insects, and water to enter, potentially leading to further damage. Window repair services in Ottawa can address any issues with worn caulking.

Window Glass Repair

Signs That You Need to Know For Window Replacement

These signs can help you understand if you need window replacement. So, note them down.


  • Having Drafty Windows

Firstly, you need to know that damage to caulking can cause drafty windows. However, other reasons are making your windows drafty. For that, you need professionals to replace the windows.

Otherwise, drafty windows can let cool air in and pressure your HVAC system. As a result, your electricity bill can increase. Hence, to avoid that, you need to replace drafty windows. =


Generally, foggy windows are bad, but if you can draw something on them, it’s time to act. Also, the fog outside the window develops due to the contrast between outdoor and indoor temperatures.

So, fog between the panes is not good, and Window Medics can help repair foggy windows in Ottawa.

Window Glass Repair

  • Cold Glass

Also, if you have multiple layers of windowpanes, the glass doesn’t get cold easily. But if it is the opposite, you must replace the glass. Experts from Window Medics can instantly help with replacing cold glass easily.


Massive Damage

Additionally, window repair Ottawa can help you with minor repairs such as drafting, caulking, etc. But, after some time, these damages increase and require glass replacement. Replacing window glass is a great solution if your windows are still sturdy and strong.

In some cases where cracks are minor, repairing window panes is a more cost-effective than replacing them. Hence, for that, you need expert window glass repair in Ottawa.

The window glass repair service provider helps you get the best idea if you need to repair or replace window glass. However, the above signs can help you know what you should do as needed. Also, Window Medics helps in fixing all window glass-related problems efficiently.

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