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Window Glass Repair


Living in Canada’s National Capital Region can be all fun and games until you realize the wear and tear on your homes or office buildings. Four main seasons and other dramatic weather conditions like torrential rain, hail, and snowstorms will impact your residential or commercial units. The temperatures and weather conditions in Ottawa and neighbouring regions will particularly impact your door and window glass, causing cracks, dents, scrapes, scuffs, and even severe breakage.

Window Medics has offered window glass repair and restoration services in Ottawa for over 19 years. Their familiarity with Ottawa weather has helped them create innovative and effective window glass restoration services for the residents of Ottawa.

While you may find several other window glass repair companies in Ottawa, not all of them are well-acquainted with the restoration of double-pane or triple-pane windows and don’t have the patented window glass defogging process. If you are looking for a company providing services related to window glass  repair, Ottawa, you have arrived at the right place.

Window Glass Repair and Restoration Service in Ottawa

Planning to replace your old or damaged window glass in Ottawa? Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can easily repair and restore them with the best glass restoration and repair company in Ottawa?

Window Glass Repair

Does your window glass need to be replaced vs. repaired and restored

The Window Medics Ottawa window glass repair and restoration team has the skills to evaluate the condition of your window glass. They can propose cost-effective alternatives to complete window glass replacements. Window Medics can also re-glaze your window glass, which means they can replace the sealed unit of your window glass. Even if your broken window glass has triple or double-glazed sealed units, the experts at Window Medics can replace and restore it.

Moreover, if you have broken double-pane window glass, Window Medics Ottawa can repair it to save you a higher total replacement cost. They can repair and restore your window glass in the following cases —

  • If your double-pane window glass is cracked, you can contact the specialists at Window Medics Ottawa. They will replace the thermos without replacing the entire window glass.
  • If you want your home to become more energy-efficient by replacing your window glass with a Low-E argon glass, Window Medics can replace only the sealed unit (thermos) and keep the rest of the window intact. This will save you from higher expenses if you are on a tight budget.
  • If the sealed unit of your window glass fails and gets fogged, the expert team at Window Medics can defog your window. Moreover, if there are deposits between your window panes, they can replace only the thermos unit and restore the glass’s efficiency.

Benefits of Window Glass Repair and Restoration Services

If you feel that the cost of window glass repair in Ottawa is out of your budget or there is a minor issue with it, you can opt for the best window glass repair and restoration services by Window Medics. The benefits of window glass repair include —

  • The temperature inside your residential property or office space will be maintained properly without any drops. You can minimize the possibility of overheating in summer and heat loss during the colder months.
  • This will also allow you to use less electricity to cool or heat your home. You will get reduced energy bills. The repair and restoration of window glass services by leading companies like Window Medics can lower your energy costs by around 30% to 50%.
  • Besides proper insulation, the window glass repair and restoration services of Window Medics will also improve the safety of your home.
  • You can improve the lifespan of your existing windows by up to 20 years at a fraction of the replacement cost.

You can contact Windows Medics Ottawa online or call 613-519-1317 to consult your issue and get an estimated quote. Their experts will visit your home and fix your window glass professionally and cost-effectively.

How to Choose the Best Window Glass Repair Service in Ottawa

When choosing a window glass repair and restoration service company, it is essential to understand their expertise and affordability. Your window glass repair service company must be well-acquainted with glass repair and replacement and window hardware repair. This will enable them to understand the issue with the glass quickly. They must understand when to opt for repairs and when to suggest replacement over repairs.

Window glass repair and restoration companies like Window Medics are experienced and skilled in dealing with all types of broken window mechanisms. They will evaluate the interior and exterior of your windows to look for signs of gaps, cracks, and shrinkage. The window specialist team at Window Medics knows how to proactively address the concerns of windows to extend their life without increasing the cost. Windows Medics can repair all window glass, from structural damage to minor cracks. The best window glass repair and restoration company will meet the following criteria —

  • Use energy-efficient window glass to protect your home or office spaces from fluctuating temperatures.
  • Have positive customer feedback for their services (window glass installation, repair, and restoration) and products.
  • Offer flexible payment options as well competitive prices to clients.
  • Must be well-versed with different window glass-related concerns.
  • Has been operating in the window glass industry for over 5 years.

Window Glass Repair

Summing Up

Window Medics is the most trusted window glass service company in Ottawa, from window glass repair to defogging to routine window glass maintenance. They use the latest technologies and years of experience to repair all kinds of window glass. This will save around 50%-70% of the cost of the complete replacement of your window. Their repair and restoration services will also increase the lifespan of your window glass by up to 20 years.

Moreover, double-pane and triple-pane windows come with a limited lifespan. However, skilled technicians can extend the functionality and lifespan of these windows by another 12 years. Customers can also add another 20 years to such window glass by opting for the latest technology at Window Medics.

Speak to Window Medics experts at 613-519-1317 or email at for queries and appointments.

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