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When you see broken or cracked window glass, you may resort to a temporary solution to stop the cracking. But without a permanent fix, your windows will create issues again. Ultimately, you have to replace or repair your broken window glass permanently.

Repairing or replacing broken window glass requires professional help and is time-consuming. Various reasons for a cracked or broken window may exist, like impact, stress, and pressure. People often prefer repair over replacing broken window glass due to low costs.

However, repairs are not always an appropriate solution to fix your broken window glass. Moreover, modern window glass comes with more technicalities that are difficult to repair. If you are confused between replacement and glass repair in Ottawa, let us help you make an informed decision.

Window Glass Repair


When to Opt for Window Glass Repairs?

You can opt for repairs if there is a little crack in your window. However, you must consult your window glass replacement specialist before making repairs. Your specialist may recommend repairs in the following cases –

  • If you have a single-pane, older window glass, you can repair them easily and inexpensively. Double-pane or triple-pane sealed window glass is often hard to fix. However, if you still don’t want to replace your broken or cracked multi-pane window glass, you can opt for a sash replacement. But if you have been facing window glass issues for a long time, we recommend replacing the entire window glass for better visual acuity and safety.
  • Suppose your cracked or broken window glass is causing minor inconveniences like slight temperature drops or minor water leakages during heavy rains. In that case, you may call your window glass specialist and repair them.


When to Opt for Window Glass Replacements?

Is it the classic baseball throw-at-the-window glass issue you are dealing with? Or do you have an old windowpane with some minor cracks? If you have a fully shattered window glass, you have to replace the entire glass ASAP! Moreover, you have to replace your broken window glass in the following cases –


  • Foggy windows – These are caused when water condenses inside your double-pane or triple-pane insulated window glass unit. Modern windows come with self-sufficient insulated glass units that are sealed to create a permanent solution. However, it makes it difficult or even impossible for a competent window glass technician to disassemble these IGUs and repair them. In such cases, replacement and removal is the only solution. Owners of IGU windows have to replace the glass in case of cracks or fogged-up windows. You must contact an experienced window glass repair and replacement company to take care of your double-pane or triple-pane glass windows.


  • Major Temperature Drops – If your broken windows have been causing significant temperature drops, it’s time to replace them. Severely broken window glass will render your heating or cooling system inefficient, thus increasing your energy bills multiple times. Moreover, repairing such damaged window glass won’t be a permanent fix, as the glass will fail to maintain its safety and insulation capabilities.

Window Glass Repair


Why you must replace your broken window glass?

Now that we know when to replace your window glass, let’s move on to why a broken, damaged window glass must get replaced –



Broken or cracked windows glass can cause safety issues, making repairing or replacing them essential. If you want to safeguard your residence and belongings from damage or theft, you must fix your broken window glass right away. Moreover, it will be best to get your broken window glass replaced by window glass replacement professionals, as they will install energy-efficient glass.

Window Glass Repair


Minimize Leaking

Air leaking will prevent your home or office from having a constant temperature. This will increase your energy bills and create discomfort due to extreme heat or cold. Broken or cracked window glass usually leads to air leaks, making your cooling or heating system ineffective. Only repairing broken window glass will leave some scope for air leaks, so it is essential to replace them. An energy-efficient window glass will allow you to save more energy and maintain a consistent temperature.


Weather Resistant

Replacing broken window glass is important as they will lose their weather-resistant capability and fail to offer complete protection from dust or dirt. A replaced window glass will control the airflow into your home and ensure a comfortable temperature throughout the day. Moreover, they will prevent water from entering your room during heavy rains.


Enhanced Appearance

Broken window glass is neither safe nor attractive. Severely cracked or broken window glass ruins the appearance and charm of your residential or commercial space. Broken window glass will create a shabby appearance in your home and destroy the overall aesthetics. Established window glass replacement companies like Window Medics offer various styles and colors of glass to bring back the lost charm of your home.


Complete Protection

Window glass replacement companies in Ottawa, such as Window Medics, provide insulated window glass that can effectively shield your home’s interiors from direct sunlight. This can prevent the fading of your furniture and wall colors. These companies offer modern and energy-efficient window glass that can be easily replaced or removed without causing much inconvenience.


Summing Up

Broken window glass threatens the security and safety of your home or office as it provides an open invitation to thieves or burglars. Moreover, broken window glass is highly inefficient in providing building insulation, soundproofing, and heating performance. Damaged window glass also appears unsightly.

So, whenever you notice your window glass is broken, you should immediately contact a reliable repair professional in Ottawa. These specialists will check the extent of damage and decide whether you should go for a glass repair in Ottawa or replace your broken window glass. Cost should never be the deciding factor for broken window glass.

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