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If you are struggling with fogged, broken, or cracked window glass, you must find a reliable company offering window glass repair services. Opting for exceptional services for window glass replacement in Ottawa is important, as windows ensure the security of our homes or offices. Moreover, it is important to opt for energy-efficient windows to maintain room temperature even in extreme weather conditions.

While many companies may claim to offer good window glass replacement services at a low cost, only a few can deliver on their claims. To help you make a quick decision, we have shortlisted Ottawa’s top 5 window glass replacement services.

Window Glass Repair


Window Medics

Heal your broken window glass and bring back the safety of your home or office with exceptional window glass replacement services from Window Medics. They are ready to send over licensed workers whenever you need them. They have worked in Ottawa as a window glass replacement expert for over 19 years. They can replace all types of window glass, whether residential or commercial.

Their double-pane window glass selection ensures the perfect insulation for your commercial or residential spaces. Their energy-efficient window glass will minimize temperature transfer while restricting airflow between the two panes. Moreover, their window glass offers exceptional soundproofing to keep your office or home peaceful and calm. Depending on your requirements, you can also choose single-pane glass or triple-pane glass. You can opt for triple-pane window glass if you want unparalleled soundproofing and Low-E thermal protection.

Moreover, Window Medics offers affordable prices and has several positive customer reviews on its official website. You can also call the experts at 613-519-1317 or email them at ottawa@windowmedics.com.


Clara Windows and Doors

Clera Windows and Doors is a reliable window glass replacement industry name. This family-owned and family-run business started operating in 1978 and continued its services for decades. They provide energy-certified windows capable of withstanding even the freezing winters of Ottawa.

They have over 40 offices across Canada, servicing the doors and windows of over a thousand residential units monthly. They have won many awards and recognition for their window and door glass installation, repair, and replacement services.

Clera Windows and Doors have multiple accreditations with 40+ years of experience. They offer top-notch customer service and ensure professional quality. Most customers have rated their window replacement service as 10/10 and appreciated their clean and fast window glass replacement work. If you want to spend more on exceptional window glass replacement services, you can opt for Clera Windows and Doors.

Window Glass Repair


Capital Windows Inc.

Since 2004, Capital Windows Inc. has been a door and window installation service company with several branches in Gatineau and Ottawa. This fully accredited and licensed company ensures 100% professional services for window-related work. Their licensed workers can provide various services for your window glass replacement or repairs.

They strive to provide their customers with high-quality window glass, exceptional artistry, and quick replacement services. You can choose various styles and colors to complement your home or office decor.

Moreover, you can easily contact them to get free estimates for window glass replacement services. They also provide a fail-safe warranty and excellent customer service to their clients. You will also find hundreds of positive reviews on their site, ensuring their performance and reliability. However, the overall cost of window glass replacement is higher than other affordable companies.

Window Glass Repair


Verdun Windows and Doors

Verdun Windows and Doors is a trusted family-owned and family-operated company offering Canada door and window glass replacement services. You can choose from an extensive range of industry-leading window glass to meet your eccentric home decor choices. They have various window glass designs to fit the varying needs of customers.

Verdun Windows and Doors also delivers factory-direct pricing to ensure affordable window glass replacement services. Moreover, they provide a warranty covering all craft and product details. You will get a no-hassle, quick, and professional service when replacing your windows from Verdun Windows and Doors.

Moreover, their wide selection of window glass options will ensure you don’t have to choose between home decor aesthetics or energy-efficient windows. You will find all the information and positive customer reviews on their website, enabling you to understand their service level better.


Canadian Choice Windows and Doors

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors has been offering top-notch services since 1976 in multiple locations across Canada. They are Energy Star, CSA, and BBB accredited. They have various licensed workers and sales representatives to ensure a smooth workflow.

They offer factory-direct pricing, resulting in reduced service costs compared to other reputed window glass replacement companies. You can also choose from many materials, colors, and window glass styles. They have easy financing options and a lifetime service warranty to ensure nothing but the best for their customers. They also have many employees to ensure that customers are attended to immediately.

According to clients, Canadian Choice Windows and Doors offers great customer service, high-quality window glass, and multiple window glass designs. You can visit their store or contact them online to get an estimated quote and choose a design. Moreover, most of their clients have appreciated their courteous and friendly workers. Whether you want to change your old windows to improve your home’s aesthetics or safeguard your home by replacing broken windows, Canadian Choice Windows and Doors can do the required job. However, the only downside of this window glass replacement company is that they charge extra for window disposal.



This concludes our recommendation list of the top 5 companies offering Ottawa’s best window glass replacement services. You can choose from these options depending on the pricing, customer service, and professionalism.

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