What Is Preferred: Repair Or Replacement Of Broken Windows Glass?

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If your windows are foggy, leaky, cold, cracked or broken, or otherwise not performing as expected, you may be contemplating whether to repair or replace them.

It isn’t easy to decide whether to go for a glass repair Ottawa or a complete replacement, given that the overall budget is one of the primary concerns. If all other circumstances were equal, most of us would likely choose replacement instead of repair. However, it is the cost that transforms it into serious confusion. Because new windows are such a large investment, replacing all windows in a house might cost several thousand dollars.

New windows aren’t also the most cost-effective way to lower your energy expenditures. Simpler and less expensive projects, such as repairing all your home’s air leaks, will have a far greater impact instead.

So, if energy savings isn’t the main reason behind replacing your windows, the information below can help you decide. Also, if your property has a lot of vintage characteristics, replacing windows may lower the price you may receive rather than choosing the option of glass repair Ottawa.

In the above situation, there is a serious dilemma regarding the most likely option. While most modern windows aren’t always repairable, on the contrary, the cost of replacing them can be considerably high. Single-pane windows were easy to repair in the past. Double- or triple-pane sealed windows, on the other hand, are more difficult to repair. Repair may not be possible at all in some circumstances.

A repair or replacement guide for your windows can be found below:

When Should You Choose Glass Repair Ottawa?

Glass cracked or broken

When a window’s glass is broken, safety and visual acuity play a role in the choice to replace it. Single-pane windows can undergo the process of glass repair Ottawa effectively. It is also an affordable option for the homeowner.

Look into sash replacement if a multi-paned glass is broken or cracked. However, if you’ve been dealing with window issues for a long time, this could be an excellent reason to replace the entire window.

Broken Muntins or mullions

Mullions and muntins that hold the glass in single-pane windows must be replaced if rotted or split. It is simple to repair those with missing or brittle putty, keeping the glass panes in place. You will have to apply fresh putty after removing the glass, cleaning the area clean, and then fastening the glass using expert help. Therefore, it is also important to note that hiring glass repair professionals in Ottawa is undoubtedly a wiser option than a DIY experiment.

Sashes are blocked or stuck

Upper or lower sashes that are unable to move are a common problem with older windows. This may be due to numerous layers of paint spanning the sash and frame and holding them together. It’s also possible that the sash got tangled up.

Broken cords on sash weights are yet another very common reason for difficultly raising sashes. The spring in some sashes may have failed or fallen loose. However, this is a fixable problem, and hiring professionals for glass repair Ottawa seems ideal.

Drip Cap is missing or rotting.

The drip cap is the top of the window’s external shield. Most do-it-yourselfers can complete this simple fix. Aluminium drip caps that are rot-free and rust-free can be purchased at almost any home center, fastened into place, and then caulked. However, relying on professionals to take care of such issues assures more preciseness and longevity.

The casing on the outside of the windows isn’t very good

Exterior casing that is loose, cracked, rotting, or missing is unsightly and can lead to window damage. Window replacement is not required if the casing is damaged.

Most home improvement stores sell primed wood exterior casing. The original casing can be removed and replaced by the new case. Keep in mind that primed wood is not weatherproof. It should be coated with exterior-grade paint as soon as possible following installation. For this use, low-maintenance vinyl and PVC solutions are also available.

Water Leakage (Minor)

When internal water is discovered near a window, it frequently comes from around the window rather than through it.

Water can be forced towards windows due to clogged gutters and drainpipes. Window seals are designed to keep water out, but not at such high pressure. See whether rerouting your drainage system makes a difference.

When is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

Foggy windows

Water condenses inside your window’s double- or triple-paned insulated glass unit, causing foggy windows (IGU).

These self-contained IGUs are incorporated into today’s windows. Unlike traditional multi-paned windows, which require a glazier to install the glass, IGUs are sealed and permanent. An IGU cannot be disassembled and rebuilt by a do-it-yourselfer or even a skilled window expert. The only option is to remove and replace the item.

For the owner of fogged-up windows, this means that IGUs are usually an all-or-nothing proposition. At the absolute least, individual IGU windowpanes can be ordered and replaced by a glass supplier in some circumstances.

Structural Issues

When the window’s outer construction begins to degrade, it’s time to replace it. In other circumstances, the studs, house sheathing, siding, and insulation around the window may be in bad repair as well.

This necessitates both the replacement of the window and the reconstruction of portions of the wall. You’ll be using a new-construction window rather than a replacement window in this scenario.

Significant Water Leakage

Excessive water infiltration around the window could indicate a problem with the outer window casing. This isn’t so much a window problem as it is a problem with your entire façade. If, however, water is coming in through the window, it’s probably time to start looking for new windows.


From the above guide, you may now be able to conclude whether to go for a glass repair Ottawa or get your glass windows replaced. Irrespective of your decision, Window Medics is here to help you achieve your goal with the utmost precision and professionalism. Being a highly reputed glass repair and replacement company, you can trust Window Medics for quality service at the best prices. You can write your problem to ottawa@windowmedics.com or call on 613-519-1317 for all other queries.

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