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The decision to repair or replace is based on two main factors: the age of the window and the degree of damage.  Usually, windows in older homes need replacement, and repair sounds like a better option for newer properties. Sometimes, the cost of replacing windows is cheaper than the cost of repairing them.

Glass replacement Ottawa companies such as Window Medics claim about energy efficiency and saving money on energy bills. When you choose to trust the best team of technicians, you will surely get the most desirable results. Moreover, Window Medics technicians are incredibly skilled and can handle emergencies most proficiently.

So, in case there is window damage in your home or workplace and you cannot wait for more than a day to get it repaired or replaced, call Window Medics for the damage control. The specialists can fix all the basic problems on the same day only. This is one of the most important reasons that make the company a favorite of several clients across Ottawa and neighboring areas.

While glass technology has progressed much, the general construction of the traditional glass windows has not. The point is that the case for sash replacement and repair may still be made because the glass can still be brought up to current technology standards, whereas tearing out and replacing the entire frame doesn’t gain anything.

The best option when you consider proper upgradation of your existing windows is to take the help of professionals. They will, in turn, diagnose the window problems, including fogging issues, if any. You can then let them decide which parts of the windows and doors need replacement instead of investing in a completely new set of windows.

When is Window Repair the Best Option?

Nowadays, 95% of the population prefer window repair instead of a complete replacement! When professionals and superior products are used, the repair is a far more reasonable and cost-effective alternative for most home­owners. There are only a few window failures that can’t be fixed with a repair method.

Check for foggy glasses, a rotten sash, broken hardware, a weather­strip that has been worn, minor frame rot, hail damage, better glass technology, and more. A glass replacement Ottawa team of expert technicians can resolve all of the aforementioned common window problems on the same day only.

Window Medics resolves all of these issues without requiring a complete teardown of your current windows. With its wide range of services, its technicians can take care of all minor and major glass window issues. This includes a patented process of demisting that can increase the longevity of all thermal glass windows by at least two more decades.

Moreover, the repair cost is not much compared to the complete replacement of all the damaged windows. That is a big reason why clients prefer to explore the repairing option first. It is because nobody wants a burden on their pockets if the problem has alternative solutions. The Window Medics technicians understand the problem and so suggest solutions that are sustainable for clients.

For example, if only the window sash needs restoration, you can trust Window Medics professionals to replace this part within a few hours only. If resolving any of the above difficulties is your main goal, there’s no need to consider a full window replacement. Yes, a complete replacement will cure these common issues, but it will also be prohibitively expensive. When a full replacement is performed, the entire window frame is torn off the wall, even if the frame is in good condition. Why should you spend money on something that isn’t broken?

Why Should You Replace Your Windows?

So far, we’ve looked at a few strong reasons to repair instead of replacement. On the other hand, replacement may be a wiser option if your home is really old or you want new things. Here are a few more justifiable reasons to upgrade with the help of a glass replacement Ottawa team.

  • Building structure may have changed over the years. Any change to the outside, depending on where you live (for example, coastal locations), necessitates an immediate upgrade to ensure no corrosion and damage leads to dangerous consequences.
  • While we make a strong case for repair, there are situations when windows cannot be restored. Specific parts may be obsolete, and there may be no substitute.
  • The structural integrity of the window unit has been compromised to the point where replacement is the only alternative. Frame rotting can be a severe problem, especially when the damage has penetrated the home already.

Choose Window Medics glass replacement Ottawa for Same-day services

We are all busy and want to save money. For busy professionals, families, and home­owners, who work on a budget and a full schedule, Window Medics is the better window replacement option!  Without any doubt, Window Medics saves you time, effort, and, most importantly, money. Our service is a win-win-win.

Our mission is to provide the best glass replacement and repair service available while also setting the standard for quality and excellence in the glass repair business.  Our company has a goal to provide you with a safe and clean environment to work in.  Therefore, we use cutting-edge technology to repair or replace your window glass.

Window Medics is proud to serve the company’s loyal clients with the highest quality glass repair and replacement services. Moreover, here you will get the best customer service after hundreds of successful glass repairs and replacements. Window Medics backs up all of its services with a clear quality assurance along with 100% customer satisfaction. You can email at or call at 613-519-1317 for appointments.

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