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Are you thinking about repairing your windows and doors glass? Why spend a lot of money replacing something you can quickly fix? The Window Medics repair professionals are experienced to fix window glass problems and offer alternatives to complete window replacement.


Window Medics professional services in Ottawa can conduct a double pane window repair within short periods to save you the higher cost of a complete window replacement. The specialist can also offer you a replacement of the thermos if the glass in your double-pane window is damaged completely and repairing does not sound like the best option.


If the sealed unit fails and the glass becomes fogged, or if deposits form between the panes, Window Medics may defog the window for a fraction of the cost of a replacement or replace the thermos unit if necessary.


Choose the best commercial window repair Ottawa service for desirable results


Window Medics technicians are spread all across Ottawa. This enables the technicians to repair damaged windows rapidly, replace hanging window sash balances, or fix any broken window mechanism irrespective of which part of the state you are in.


There’s no need to replace your window if it’s leaking. To extend the life of your windows, inspect the exterior caulking for signs of shrinking, cracks, and gaps and take proactive measures to fix the issues. This will reduce air and water leakage while also protecting your windows from future structural damage. Window Medics crew has the knowledge and tools to replace the damage around your windows with maximum proficiency.

For any of your commercial window repair Ottawa requirements, Window Medics may offer the following services:


Commercial window repair Ottawa- replacement of a sealed unit


Whether a property manager or a business owner, upgrading your building’s thermal panes is a wise investment. Replacing Thermos panes endure the test of time and may help you extend their lifespan by up to ten years or more. Additionally, you will save money on energy.


Improved thermos panes, especially when reinforced with anti-intrusion glass, may also provide enhanced security for your business. Why not take advantage of the increased safety when upgrading your thermos panes?

As a result, restoring your thermos panes can improve your quality of life. Generally speaking, your windows are an essential factor in determining the value of your commercial space. You may also restore the efficacy of your thermos panes by replacing them. Furthermore, this technique has the potential to refresh the appearance of your workspace. You are both safeguarding and boosting its worth by doing so.


Furthermore, replacing your thermos panes is far less expensive and time-consuming than replacing your windows. It is efficient and allows you to extend the life of your windows. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort of your house for many years to come.

Finally, it is a tried and tested method of lowering energy costs. Cold air will flow through poorly insulated thermos panes, causing you to spend more money maintaining a pleasant temperature. That problem will be solved with new thermos panes.


Window Defogging


To appreciate the Window Medics defogging service better, you must first comprehend the causes of fogging windows. To begin, you must understand the anatomy of modern windows. They are usually made up of two panes set on a frame. Manufacturers place silica beads between these two glass barriers.


This absorbent substance, exposed to the outdoors, becomes saturated with moisture over time. It’s a necessary element of your windows’ aging process. However, saturation might cause your thermos windows to lose performance, especially in terms of thermal insulation.

The sun’s rays warm the wet air between the two panes of your window over time. As the air within the window warms up, it expands, increasing the pressure inside the window. The unappealing mist begins to develop at this very instant. Consult the defogging professionals at Window Medics before considering having your damaged windows replaced.


Window Medics defogging service is a one-of-a-kind method that is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your fogged windows. It’s a simple procedure that makes replacing your windowpanes a lot easier.


It’s a quick process because of its simplicity. As a result, you will be able to enjoy clean and clear windows much sooner. It is the most effective method for removing fog from your windows. Defogging is, without a doubt, a win-win situation.


Why do clients choose Window Medics over others?


When you choose Window Medics to replace your thermal panes, you’re choosing to work with the largest network in the industry, which has been in operation since 2004. All of the personnel are trained to the most excellent industry standards to provide flawless, on-time service. However, there are numerous advantages to updating your thermos panes:


  • A fast and environmentally friendly procedure


The replacement of the thermos panes is inexpensive. This method is, in fact, a fraction of the expense of replacing windows completely. In some cases, prices might be cut in half or even lowered by 75%.


  • An environmentally safe solution


The replacement of the thermos panes improves energy efficiency. However, it has a lower environmental impact than replacing windows completely. Window Medics can lessen the amount of glass and trash in landfills by using this approach. Furthermore, the work performed by the staff is covered by formal assurance.


When it comes to replacing your thermos panes, there are several different types of glass to choose from. You can rely on the Window Medics team to help you make the best selection possible. Getting the correct glass is crucial because it can act as a sound barrier while improving your comfort.

If energy efficiency is essential to you, choose low emissive glass. It is made of a thin metal oxide coating that reflects heat both inside and outside during the winter and summer. As a result, regardless of the weather outside, your home remains pleasant.


The argument of repair vs. replacement is never-ending but approaching professionals for a sustainable decision is wise. If you are looking forward to repairing, it comes with a set of benefits when you choose Window Medics for the process. The expert team at Window Medics commercial window repair Ottawa works so that there may not be a need for a replacement for years to come. You can call 613-519-1317 or email at for queries and appointments.

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