How Do I Repair Foggy Door Glass? How Much Will It Cost?

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Looking out of double-pane windows at the scenery and watching fog drifting in? Foggy windows aren’t only a result of humid weather; they’re frequently a warning that something isn’t quite right.

A crack in the window’s seal nearly always causes the moisture that causes foggy double-pane windows. It condenses into water droplets, which can lead to mold growth and window damage. The carpet and floors beneath the window may be affected.

Do not hesitate to act if you notice fog in your windows. It may become impossible to continue demisting if the residual deposit grows too large. If this is the case, the Window Medics experts would gladly offer you an assessment for replacing your sealed units. Also, not all types of windows are suited for demisting. To learn more, speak with the specialists who offer the best foggy glass window service Ottawa.

Why do windows usually have two panes of glass?

Double-pane glass window panels are referred to as an insulated glass unit (IGU) or an insulated glazing unit in the glass industry. Energy-efficiency experts and homebuilders recommend them because they keep your home substantially warmer than single-pane windows.

When the windows are constructed, inert gas or dehumidified air is sealed between the two panes. Polyisobutylene, a chemical, is usually used to seal each panel. This creates a barrier that keeps heat in during the winter. The additional insulation helps you save energy, money and minimize your carbon footprint.

When do you need to call foggy glass window service Ottawa?

You must first understand the causes of fogging windows to appreciate Window Medics’ defogging service. To begin, you must first comprehend the structure of contemporary windows. Typically, they are made up of two panes set on a frame. Manufacturers place silica beads between the two glass barriers.

When exposed to the elements, this absorbent substance becomes saturated with moisture over time. It’s a vital part of the aging process for your windows. On the other hand, saturation may cause your thermos windows to lose their effectiveness, particularly in terms of thermal insulation.

Over time, the sun’s rays warm the damp air between the two panes of your window. The pressure within the window rises as the air inside the window warms up and expands. At this very moment, the unpleasant mist begins to form. Before you consider replacing your broken windows, talk to the defogging experts at Window Medics.

Why does a broken seal cause a foggy window?

It has something to do with the way IGU windows are made. A desiccant is a rubber tube put between the glass panes to assist in keeping the air inside dry and at a consistent temperature. However, when the polyisobutylene seal is broken, air from outside flows into the gap between the glass panes. With that air comes moisture, which is too much for the desiccant to handle. It condenses into water droplets, especially if the outer glass pane is cooler than the interior glass pane, and the windows create a fog or haze that goes and comes back with the weather.

Is it possible to reseal double-pane windows?

Certain firms and some DIY kits claim to be able to remove window fog without having to replace the window or even restore the sealed window spaces. They drill holes in the glass, suction away the debris, and insert micro-events to allow air to circulate. This procedure can help you get clearer windows, but it isn’t permanent. More importantly, this strategy eliminates the energy-saving benefit that your double-pane windows offer.

As a result, hiring a professional to help with your foggy windows is usually an excellent option. If the window can be repaired, glass experts will do everything possible to salvage the window and only replace the glass. However, if the window needs to be replaced, you can count on them to provide the benefit of their experience.

Call Window Medics for the best foggy glass window service Ottawa

If you receive a visit from a member of the Window Medics team of experts to defog your windows, you can expect the following procedure:

  • The technician performs piercing at both ends of the defective sealed unit
  • Following that, he injects a cleaning solution that purifies the space between the two panes.
  • The area is then completely drained with a syringe and a catheter by the Window Medics expert.
  • He installs resistant valves to compensate for the incisions.

You may enjoy clear and translucent windows more readily if you follow this simple approach. Following the treatment, the treated unit’s healing time can take anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks.

Here are a few reasons why clients choose Window Medics for foggy glass window service Ottawa:

  • All of the Window Medics technicians have received the most up-to-date training available in the industry. Furthermore, the Window Medics team’s work is backed by proper quality assurance.
  • When your windows become fogged, you have two choices: replace them or de-mist them. Did you know that demisting, while equally effective, can save you a lot of money? It is, in fact, a significantly less expensive method of window replacement.
  • Your fogged window loses some of its insulating effectiveness because its insulating substance is wet with moisture. Demisting allows for a solution to this problem.

Getting your windows fixed by a professional

If you are wondering about the cost of proper foggy glass window service Ottawa by the Window Medics team, you will have to call the experts for a detailed conversation. The company believes in diagnosing the intensity of the damage before finalizing the expense. Window Medics have an experienced team of professionals that can come to your home and assess the work that needs to be done.

The knowledgeable specialists will assess if you only need to repair the glass panes or the entire window frame. Whatever your glass needs are, they can assist you to keep your view from being obstructed by foggy windows. To get started, call 613-519-1317, email at, or make an appointment online.

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