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As the season transitions from autumn to winter in Ottawa and the outside temperatures decrease, the windows in your home may appear foggy. Suppose the fog is accumulating in a particular location. In that case, the problem could be something as trivial as surplus moisture developing due to the difference in temperature between the inside and outside environment, or it could be something more significant such as a failing window seal. You would like to clean the fog with a cloth, but you’re unable to do so. This is because the fog is on the inside of your window panes.

Owing to the extreme winters, glass window repair in Ottawa is your go-to option to help you live comfortably in your house without worrying about windows fogging up. Before understanding glass window repair, let us look into a few aspects of foggy windows.

 What causes the fogging of windows in a house?

Once the cause of the fog has been determined, there is no time to defog the windows, which, according to the manufacturer, is a common issue with double-glazed windows. When you say you have a double-glazed window, you mean two massive glass pieces that are securely joined together in a frame. It will be essential to separate the space between the two glass panes with a gas.

This air, which is generally argon or krypton, can improve the energy efficiency of your windows by reducing their heat loss. Energy-efficient windows allow you to maintain a pleasant room temperature. To keep a gas between two panes of glass, you must first “trap” it in a confined space. This is where poets and spacers come in.

Over time, the seals might break, allowing the insulating gas to leak out into the surrounding environment. Immediately, the escaping gas is replaced by a cloud of air. When it comes to moisture, the air has a higher concentration, and this moisture causes your windows to fog up as more and more air is drawn into the space between the two panes of glass. You now see that there is no way to remove the fog unless you separate the two window panes, which can be done conveniently by glass window repair in Ottawa.

Is it possible to fix fogged windows?

  1. Replace the window glass

Check whether a product warranty covers the glass of your windows before hiring a professional glass window repair service in Ottawa. If your window seal fails unexpectedly, you may be entitled for compensation that will pay some or all of the cost of your window replacement. Repairing the window yourself may violate the warranty, making it necessary to hire a professional to receive compensation. Although your double-pane windows may be nearing the end of their useful life, hiring a professional to replace them may save you both time and money in the long run.

Often, the best course of action is to contact a professional to replace the glass. It is less expensive than replacing the complete window, including the frame, and it restores the original appearance of your windows. The age and quality of the window frame are two more factors to consider before replacing the glass of the window.

During the repair, the contractor will extract the “stops” that keep the glass in its frame and replace it with a new insulated glass unit (IGU). Because the unit has been sealed, it should include Low-E coatings on the glass and gas between the two panes of the window. As a result, replacing the glass may reduce the fog’s undesirable appearance and improve the window’s energy efficiency since the unit will contain the gas released from the fogged unit.

The cost of glass window repair in Ottawa using this approach can be a quarter to a half of what it would cost to replace the window entirely.

  1. Use a defogging spray to clear the fog

If you want to keep your windows from fogging up, you may apply a defogging spray. You may even remove window fog with shaving cream every couple of weeks if you have a lot of it. While your windows may appear to be clear for a short period, the primary reason for their fogging is a lack of adequate window insulation. The cost of professional defogging is approximately half that of a window replacement project. The only way to permanently resolve the issue is to replace the window completely. 

  1. Sash Replacement

The ability to move window sashes may be quite beneficial to homeowners. If you have a window with movable panels, you won’t necessarily have to replace the glass or the entire window if the panels are in good condition. As an alternative, you may simply remove the sash and replace it with another.

In most cases, sash replacement is only possible if your windows are new. As the warranty for most windows includes gasket defects, many window companies, both distributors and manufacturers, offer a replacement sash at no additional cost.

The most straightforward sort of window replacement is a double-hung window replacement, although it may be completed with any style of an open window, such as a slider, casement, or hopper window if the space permits.

Finally, the state of your current window will influence how you resolve your issue. If the windows are modern and in good condition, either the glass or the sash can be replaced. If your windows are really old and will need to be replaced soon, it is often advisable not to invest any more money on the current window and instead proceed with a glass window repair.


An expert team of specialists may visit your Ottawa home and assess the scope of the work that needs to be done. Their highly trained experts will evaluate whether you only want the replacement of the glass panes or whether you require replacing the complete window frame. No matter what your glass requirements are, they can assist you in keeping those foggy windows from interfering with your vision.


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