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Double-pane windows have become common in many countries worldwide because they reduce energy usage by 24% during the winter and up to 18% in a warm climate during the summer by slowing down the transfer of heat and cold. Many experts believe that double-pane windows are at least 50% more efficient than single-pane windows. Even though double-pane windows significantly reduce your energy bills, the longest they can survive is 10-12 years.


If you are looking for house window glass repair in Ottawa to fix your foggy double-pane windows, Window Medics provides window defogging services to all kinds of commercial and residential buildings. Their patented window-defogging process defogs your window and extends its lifespan.


Why does the double-pane window fog up in the first place?

After a certain time, the double-pane windows start fogging up due to solar pumping. Solar pumping happens when the air inside the panes heats up during the day, causing the gas inside to heat up and expand. A night when the temperature falls, the air cools down, causing the space between both panes to contract. This continuous cycle of expansion and contraction for a long period causes the silica desiccant to become saturated.

Once the silica desiccant can no longer soak up the moisture from solar pumping, the seal between the windows breaks, increasing air infiltration between the spaces, which starts the fogging process. Once your house window fogs up completely, it reaches the end of its lifetime within 10-12 years of installation.


How can you fix a double-pane foggy window?


Until recently, fixing a foggy double-pane window was out of the question. When the windows reached the end of their lifetime, most people would mostly install a new window. However, with the advancement of technology in all fields, the window industry has developed unique solutions for repairing foggy windows. Now you can get your house window glass repaired in Ottawa if you are experiencing foggy window problems.

The most common process to remove moisture from double-pane windows is to drill two small holes in the outside pane of the glass. Once the sun hits the window, the trapped moisture and condensation can get released through the holes of the window technicians drilled.

However, this is a process you cannot do yourself, as it requires a special tool to drill the holes and plug them in afterward. Also, every window glass repair company has its defogging method they follow to defog windows safely.


Why should you consider hiring Window Medics services for your house window glass repair in Ottawa?


Suppose you are a resident of Ottawa or have a commercial building in Ottawa. In that case, you can contact Window Medics for window glass repair services. Window Medics is one of Ottawa’s leading house window glass repair companies that has been around since 2004.

Due to their unique and patented double-pane window glass repair service process, they have gained popularity in Ottawa in no time.


Here is why Window Medics is the best window glass repair service in Ottawa:

Customer-centric: Their services are customer-centric, providing various window and door glass-related services like window glass defogging, repair, restoration, etc.

Affordable price: Even though most people believe replacing a fogged double-pane window is better than defogging it, they could not be further from the truth. Window Medics provides defogging services at an extremely affordable rate, extending their double-pane glass window’s life up to 18-20 years. Defogging can save you up to 70% of window replacement costs.

Trained Professionals: Window Medics is an extreme believer in professionalism, so they train their technicians to safely defog a window and fix it to elongate its lifespan.

Emergency Services: Window Medics also provides emergency window glass repair services to people who need them. They will reach your place of emergency soon and repair your window to help you save energy.

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