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Almost all windows today, contain at the core an insulating glass unit, often referred to as IGU. IGU refers to two or three panes of glass that have been factory welded together to create a single unit that cannot be broken.

The insulation between double and triple-pane windows offers significantly higher energy efficiency than single-pane glass. Thermal windows are another term to describe such windows. A simple sealed glass sandwich made of two panes of glass or a more elaborate IGU with coating can easily double the energy efficiency of windows.

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What causes fog on thermal windows?

A growing number of homeowners with older thermal pane windows are reporting that their windows are getting fogged up. When this occurs, it can indicate one of three things:

  1. The indoor humidity level is too high during the winter, resulting in fog on the inside of the window.
  2. During the summer, the humidity level outside is excessively high, resulting in fog on the exterior of the window glass.
  3. The seal between the panes of your double-paned windows failed, allowing condensation to develop between the panes of the window.

It is possible to minimize efficient heat transfer into and out of a home or building using double-paned glass with an air-sealed gap between them. Double-paned glass is made by producing a multi-layer sandwich of air and glass, which saves utility expenses.

Mould is an undesirable and potentially hazardous condition. For fog to develop on cold glass surfaces, water droplets must first condensate on such surfaces. Mould may begin to develop between the window panes if the moisture persists for an extended time.


Is glass replacement of the thermal window the best choice?

Depending on your budget, there are a variety of options for fixing your foggy thermal windows. You may, of course, completely replace your windows, but this can be rather expensive in the long run. You can save money by learning to endure the fog, but it is visually unpleasant and inefficient in energy use. For many, the best course of action is to contact a reputable glass replacement professional in Ottawa.

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The seal surrounding your thermal pane windows may have failed, but this does not necessarily imply that the window frame is damaged. It is possible to retain the frame and only change the glass so long as it is still in excellent condition (i.e., it is not rotting, sagging, or deformed). Glass replacement significantly lowers the overall expense of your project while providing similar benefits as installing a whole new window unit.


Window Medics Defogging Process for Fogged Window Glass Repair

Visible fog, condensation, or moisture indicates that the sealed window unit has merely achieved its moisture absorption threshold, resulting in fog or condensation.

Window Medics specializes in removing moisture and condensation from your thermal windows letting you save on expensive window replacement. The proven technology has revolutionized the traditional window replacement business by repairing windows as part of window restoration process.

This process removes moisture from defective thermal panes, causing condensation or misting of windows while restoring the much-needed R-value. It can also be applied to new windows that protect against future sealing failures and moisture buildup that may show up as condensation problems with misty windows.

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Compared to complete window replacement, window glass replacement in Ottawa is much easier and significantly less expensive. Replacing your thermal double-pane windows may save you up to 70% off the cost of standard window replacement.

Almost all windows built have interchangeable glass units, which means that they may be repaired by swapping out the defective glass with a new factory-sealed glass unit. Glass replacement in Ottawa is a simple and cost-effective method of upgrading the windows without having to replace them entirely.

Window Medics is well known name in the window repair and replacement industry for its high quality services. It is a reputable organization that can help you with any difficulties associated with windows glass. Window Medics has a team of specialists and advanced equipment to ensure that you receive the best possible service.

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