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window glass repair in Ottawa

Are you looking for ways to tell if your window glass needs to be repaired or replaced? Do you fear that your windows need to be replaced but aren’t sure how to tell? If so, you must learn all about the signs you need window glass repair in Ottawa.

Doing so can help you determine whether it’s time to repair or replace the current window glass in your home, corporate building, etc. These signs are minute, so it takes a sharp eye to notice them!


See below for an in-depth guide listing all the signs you need window glass repair in Ottawa.


1.      Your Energy Bills Are Skyrocketing

Have you found yourself cringing at the cost of your energy bill in the past few months? If so, it might directly indicate that your window glass needs to be repaired or replaced.

While most of us don’t realize it, windows play a heavy role in insulating your home. That’s why double-pane and triple-pane windows are becoming the go-to options in today’s window marketplace. If a window isn’t sealed properly, the climate inside your home will change. For example, the hole in your window will let in cold air during the winter, which will cause your heater to work harder.

To compensate for the irregular climate inside your home, your heater will run longer, leaving it susceptible to costly repairs due to overheating. The longer your HVAC system runs, the more energy it will use. Thus explaining your rising utility bills.

If you’ve noticed higher energy bills in the past few months, contact professional window glass repair in Ottawa. We’re happy to visit your Ottawa home and assess the situation. We’ll pinpoint the issue, then give you our professional recommendations on how to fix the problem.


window glass repair in Ottawa

2.      You Notice Water Damage

One of the scariest experiences as a homeowner is waking up or walking into unsightly water damage. It can happen quickly, so it’s important to watch your windows for any signs of water running down the wall.

The next time it rains, walk around your house and check all of your windows for signs of even the tiniest water droplets seeping through. If left untreated, that stagnant water can cause mold growth as well.

Water can do all sorts of damage to your house, such as:

●      Ruining the integrity of your flooring and walls

●      Causing mold to form

●      Dark brown spots on your walls

●      Cause your family to get sick

●      Ruining the condition of furniture & more

When you notice water damage or water running down your walls, contact a window glass repair expert. The leaks in your window could be due to worn-down areas, improperly installed windows, or problems with the seal.

Look at the window sill to see if any standing water is inside. This is a sign that water is slowly leaking from the top or sides of your window.


3.      Sound from Outside

Not only are windows used for aesthetics and insulation, but they’re also a tremendous tool for soundproofing your home (when they work as they’re supposed to).

Double-pane and triple-pane windows do a fantastic job of this. Still, for even more soundproofing, you could invest in soundproof windows. It all depends on your budget and priorities.

If you’ve noticed that the sound from outside is louder than before, it might not be a coincidence. Even the slightest crack in your glass window or gap could cause sound to sneak in.

First, scan the glass for any noticeable cracks. If you can’t find any cracks, look at the edge of the window, right where the window meets the wall, for any holes. If you spot any, they need to be filled.


4.      Foggy Windows

This should be prefaced by saying that windows can get foggy occasionally. But if you notice that the fog isn’t going away, it can be a sign of a larger issue.

The foggy effect comes from gaps in your windows that allow air in from the outside and vice versa. Contact window glass repair in Ottawa to have the gaps sealed quickly.

Remember this: your foggy windows are evidence of a hole in your windows. So, by default, a foggy window will alert you to your utility bill rising.


5.      Bugs Galore

Have you noticed that more bugs are getting into your house these days? If so, it can indicate that you need a residential glass replacement in Ottawa.

Even if there’s even the smallest gap between your windows and walls, bugs can find their way inside. That includes flies, ants, and the like. Depending on the size of the gap, some larger bugs might be able to squeeze inside as well.

If you notice more bugs in your home than usual, reach out to a window glass repair in Ottawa. They can help eradicate this issue once and for all.


window glass repair in Ottawa

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Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the signs that you need window glass repair in Ottawa, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Start by reading this article for more information on why repairing is a better option for your foggy window.

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