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A variety of factors can affect whether people replace or repair their windows. While some people replace their windows because they want to update the look of their home, others may want to replace their windows because adverse weather conditions have destroyed their current windows. Have you ever thought about when it is appropriate to replace your window and when it is best to continue?

Many window repair Ottawa companies will often tell you that if you take proper care of your windows, it can last you up to 20 years at the least. If you think there are cracks in your window or your window is broken, you can try to repair it instead of replacing it.


The process of replacing windows can often be expensive, and you don’t have to replace your windows for every crack it gets. You can always take into consideration a few things before replacing your windows.


Things you should consider before replacing or repairing your windows


If you are in a dilemma about whether you should replace or repair your window, here are a few things you could consider to make it easier for you to decide:


1. The extent of the damage: The first thing you should do is determine the scope of the damage to your window that requires repairing or replacement. Check for cracks, broken glass, damaged trim, rotting of the wooden bars or metals that support the window glass, etc., to determine the severity of the damage. Most damages are done by water leaks or cracks that appear due to harsh weather, which you can repair. If the damages are severe, then you can replace your windows.


2. Old homes: If you have lived in the same house for decades or you inherited it from your family, and no changes have been made in the last few decades, you can replace the windows. Old windows often cause accidents, or you can end up paying high energy bills because of ineffective energy saving.


3. Energy efficiency:  Doors and windows play a crucial role in energy efficiency. Along with allowing natural light in, new windows also do not let out warm air during winter. If you are paying too much for your energy bill but not getting any more warmth, then it is the right time to replace your windows.


4. Budget: Last but not least, your financial situation matters too. If you think you can repair a broken or cracked window instead of replacing it, there is no point in spending more than it’s required. You can approach any window repair Ottawa company to get the best repairing services. However, if the damaged or faulty windows are beyond repair, you can save more on your energy bills by replacing them.


What are the reasons for window replacement and window repair Ottawa?


Many people struggle with the timing of when they should repair and replace their windows. Here are the reasons when you should consider repairing your windows instead of replacing:


1. Cracked or broken glass: If you have single-pane glass, you can quickly repair the glass by hiring any window repair Ottawa company. You go for sash replacement if your multi-pane glass is broken.


2. Broken muntins: If the muntins in your windows that safely hold the glass in a single pane window are broken, you can easily replace the putty. Remove the glass safely, scrape off any remanent of old, brittle putty, and apply the fresh putty before putting the glass in place. You can finish it off by using new glazier points to keep the glass safe and in place.


3. Wrong exterior window casing: If the external window casing is loose, broken, cracked, or missing, it can lead to window damage. However, instead of replacing the entire window, you will find a new primed window casing in any window repair Ottawa company or home improvement store.


4. Minor water leakage: Poor water management like drainpipes can often cause water leakage around the window. It is no reason to replace your windows; instead, you can re-route the drainpipes away from the windows.



If you are facing the below-mentioned problems, you can consider replacing your windows, if repairing them has not worked:


1. Foggy windows: Multi-pane windows can fog over time due to water condensing. If you have installed your windows long ago and defogging does not work anymore, replacing your windows is a good idea.


2. Major water leakage: Even though water leakage can be caused mainly by lousy drainage and plumbing, sometimes water can come through the windows. When that happens, you need to replace your windows.


3. Drafty windows: If your windows allow cool air to seep in during the winter, it will cause you to spend more on eating but not getting enough warmth. To make sure your windows are energy-efficient, you need to replace the drafty windows right away.


Can a pane of glass be replaced in a window?


Replacing one pane in a double pane window is an arduous task and often has the possibility of cursing further damage to the other pane. Window repair Ottawa companies instead encourage people to replace the window instead of replacing one pane.


Is it cheaper to replace glass in a window?


Replacing glass can often cost you less than replacing the entire window. Replacing damaged glass can provide you with the benefits like energy saving, increased heat, etc., at a lesser cost than replacing the window.


Can you put new glass in old windows?


Yes, you can put new glass in windows, if your window frame is in good condition. Unless your glass is beyond repair, you put in new glass in old windows, with a little bit of experience in home improvement DIY.


Can you replace glass in Aluminium Windows?


Yes, the glass in aluminum windows is replaceable. You can remove the frame from the window to make the glass replacing process more accessible and ensure that you are safe. You can remove the screws on the frame and replace the glass before fastening the screws, and your windows will be as good as new.


Finding a reputable company dealing with window glass repairing and defogging can be challenging when very few of them exist. Window Medics has provided window replacing and defogging services in hundreds of cities in the last few years. They are indisputably one of the best companies in the industry.

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