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Are you looking to repair your glass windows? With the real estate market explosion, homeowners are now jumping on the house remodeling train.

You may be looking to change the style and look of your home, improve energy efficiency, or increase your home resale value. Now more than ever, homeowners are trying ways to bring a makeover to their homes.

One project you will have to consider doing is window glass repair. Unlike other elements such as electrical wiring or plumbing, window repair has a rapid advancement in technology.

There are newer options such as light manipulation, sound hampering, and energy efficiency. But some window glass repair myths confuse homeowners.

Window Glass Repair


Keep reading to know the common window glass repair myths.

Repaired Glass Never Last Long

Most people argue that once a window breaks, its lifespan becomes shorter than before. Even after repair, that may be further from the truth.

Contractors always ensure your windows withstand harsh weather conditions and hard obstacles. Contractors will use the best quality materials and precise techniques.

Your windows will last long with the right repair.


Repaired Windows Are Unattractive

When dealing with a cracked or chipped window glass, you might think that replacing the whole sheet of glass is necessary. Besides, how can you trust a repaired window not to break again?

But, the truth is, it will depend on the window repair company you contact. We have the right equipment, mastery, and experience for a seamless repair at Window Medics.

Among the top window glass repair tips is to contract an experienced window technician. The technician will help by recommending the best course of action.

Whether a simple repair or a window glass replacement, your glass will look amazing with the best glass repair company by your side.

Window Glass Repair

You Should Wait to Repair Your Windows During Summer

Most people fear that replacing their windows will force them to move out or live with open, gaping walls for long. But that is further from the truth.

Window glass experts like Window Medics have full teams ready to replace your window glass quickly and efficiently. The myth of waiting for summer often leads to experts being too busy during summer.

As a smart homeowner, choose to work with the best glass window contractors when they are least busy. But, any season, winter, spring, summer, or fall, is a good time to do window glass repair or replacement.


Vinyl Windows are the Standard

Most homeowners don’t know what vinyl windows are at all. So, what are vinyl windows? They are the framing of the window made of vinyl material.

But, the pane surface area is still glass. Compared to aluminum and wood framing materials, Vinyl has higher energy efficiency. That’s due to its lower conductivity.

Window Glass Repair


There is very low heat and cooling transfer. But, the actual glass panel U-Factor (or the window glass section energy-efficiency rating) is of different concern.

Newer wood and aluminum frame technology is much more advanced to reduce energy transfer. That makes new windows made from any material much more advanced and efficient.

Current Double Pane Windows are Good Enough

The myth is what is keeping homeowners from repairing their windows. Often, they think that since their windows are double pane, they are okay and of-the-hook.

Double pane windows are an enhancement from the old single-pane windows. Nowadays, it’s quite rare to find a home with no double pane windows.

The windows are two panes of glass set in the frame to create an air-gap barrier that reduces energy transfer. But, with the fast advancement in technology, newer double pane windows are more energy-efficient.

Nowadays, experts use special technology like films, spacers, gas fills, and formulated seals. You will have a highly efficient window preventing energy and sound transfer.


Large Windows Will Lose More Energy

Often, people consider larger windows when it’s time for a window replacement. Since there is a chance for more natural light, homeowners seize the opportunity.

There is a myth we are hearing that big windows lose more energy. That may be true with older uninsulated windows that can foster greater energy transfer.

But, nowadays, window replacements combine the latest advances in technology. That way, it reduces energy transfer drastically.

With the proper film, panes, and frames upgrades, it’s possible to have nearly as efficient windows as your house walls.


It’s Easy to Replace Windows Yourself

With the right skill and tools, you can replace windows by yourself and save on labor costs. But, window replacement can become a tricky job.

You need to trim or reframe the opening, even though the window seems identical to yours. You also have to square, level, and properly seal the windows.

Note that a minor mistake on any step will often lead to costly repairs later. To prevent that, ensure you work with a qualified window repair contractor.

The correct installation and air-tight sealing will pay for themselves in the future. Also, window glass installation companies often offer you warranties on the products and craft.

Thus, you can relax and know that whenever a problem arises, they will fix it. Also, consider contracting companies with transferable warranties.


Consider Having a Window Glass Repair

Window glass repair does not have to be stressful. Always remember the common glass repair myths in our window glass repair guide.

Also, it will help to learn more about the entire window repair process. If you feel like the task is overwhelming, there are expert window glass repair companies you can contact.

Want to hire a dependable window glass repair service?

At Window Medics, we have a range of doors, windows, and glass solutions. Our solution will enhance your property appeal and also add meaningful details.

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