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It is true that you don’t need to repair window glass frequently, and it can last you for decades. However, an incident such as a baseball hitting it may result in significant damage. In that case, we all must know how to fix window on your own during an emergency.

Window Glass Repair

Dealing with window glass and repair is risky, you should leave it to the professional but, there arrival can take time thus you must also have some sort of emergency plan

This is a brief guide for you to learn about the basics of repairing different window glass problems during an emergency.

Window Glass Repair

Window Glass Replacement Instructions

A shattered or cracked windowpane is generally simple to repair, more so if the damage caused is minor. However, it’s usually better to call a glass company for dual glazing or large panes (or other high-performance glass). In almost every emergency, you will prefer to order the perfect replacement and also want it to be fixed before you can remove the damaged windowpane.

  • The first step is to clean up the broken glass. Next, tape the cracked window with a cross-hatch of duct tape to keep glass fragments from falling out as you work. When working with glass, always wear safety glasses and strong gloves.
  • You can fix a ladder outside the window and fix the panes while standing on it. However, if the window is on a higher floor, it is safer to remove the sash. In any case, hiring window repair professionals is the best option.
  • When replacing a windowpane, try to get the same type of glass initially installed in the window to ensure that it matches the glass in other panes or windows in the space. Bring a shard to your local hardware store and request that any coatings or other features be matched.
  • When working with broken glass, whether huge panes or smaller bits exercise caution; your work gloves should be thick and durable—tape newspaper to the inside of the sash to catch any broken glass particles before removing it. When you take it to or from the store, you can also use newspaper to cushion the glass. Window glass cannot generally be recycled, so dispose of fragments in your ordinary trash.

Fixing Window that is made of wood?

You’ll need the following items to replace a single glass pane in a wood window:

  • A 5-in-1 device
  • Chisel
  • Glazier’s points are little metal clips that go every 4 to 6 inches into the wood
  • Gloves for the workplace
  • Hammer
  • If the glass hasn’t previously been cut to size, use a glass cutter.
  • Knife for applying putty
  • Newspaper
  • Paintbrush, small
  • Pliers with a long nose
  • Safety glasses are required
  • Tape for masking
  • To keep the glass in place, use a glazing compound (putty)

Chisel out the old putty after removing the broken pane of glass. With long-nose pliers, remove the old glazier’s points. Clean and sand the wood before applying a coat of wood sealant.

Now, to construct a bed for the new pane, try to stick the rope-like putty roll with your hands or by using a knife. You must clean all the excel putty once you have removed the frame. With a putty knife, push the glazier’s points into the frame. Apply extra putty around the window and seal it with the knife. Paint the putty to match the sash once it has dried.


Fixing window that is made of vinyl or metal?

This window style can be reglazed by simply removing the components that hold the glass in place, removing the old glass, replacing the parts that fit it, and putting a new piece of glass that is the correct size into the sash.

Unfix the two halves of the sash and then remove the inside part to replace the glass with rubber seals. Remove any glass fragments, lay a replacement pane against one sash half, reinstall the other sash half, and screw the sash sections together.

Remove the screws from the abrupt end of the sash and pull the end away from the sash if the glass is sitting on a continuous rubber gasket (or four separate ones). Next, remove the old glass, then pull the gasket around the new pane, sliding it into the sash and securing the end.

Replace the glass in a sash with snap-out moldings by loosening one end of the molding with the tip of a putty knife where the two ends meet. Pry slowly, leaning on the frame for support. Remove the loosened molding strip. Push each molding piece into place with your hands once you’ve replaced the pane. You should replace damaged components during the removal process.


Problems with Window Condensation

Because windows are usually the coolest surfaces in a house, they can gather moisture when the outside temperature is cold, and the inside air is warm. Mold and mildew thrive in these conditions, leading to rot in window frames and sills.


Condensation on Window Interior Surfaces

If water fogs up and beads on the inside surface of windows, it means that the space has a high humidity level. Increase ventilation to decrease condensation—even using bathroom and kitchen fans can make a significant difference. Take brief showers and run full loads in washers and dishwashers to reduce interior humidity.

Window Glass Repair



Of course, everyone is not a DIY expert, and all of the above tutorials may sound too challenging. In that case, you may wonder, “how can I fix my window glass in Ottawa,” but the solution is right in front of you. Calling experts to get the job done is the wisest option, and Window Medics professionals are the right choice. They are just a call away, making it easier for them to manage emergencies perfectly. Get in touch with a Window Medics expert at 613-519-1317. You canalso send an email at

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