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Depending on where you live, building codes stipulate that 10 to 20 percent of a room’s floor area should be equal to the window size.

When you add that up in an entire house, that is a lot of window space. If you compare your house to the human body, it means your windows are a major organ.

With all of that window space, it’s not surprising some things can go wrong with your windows. In this article, we’ll talk you through 7 common types of window repairs. It’s important to spot these window problems and repair them because your windows play a vital part in the energy efficiency and security of your home.

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1. Cracked Pane

The extent to which your windowpane is cracked will influence how it is repaired. The good news is that you may not need to replace the entire pane or even the entire window. If it is a small crack, there are several repair options available such as using a sticky mesh or an epoxy resin which is well known for its adhesive properties.

If the crack has spread, then it will only get worse and temporary measures will not suffice. You will need to replace the window pane. Windows that are damaged badly can be dangerous so you should get them repaired soon.

2. Moisture Penetration

With the change in daily temperature and throughout the seasons, your windows will expand and contract. Over time that may lead to wear and tear on the seals around the glass in your windows. In turn, that can lead to moisture penetration.

This in itself may not be devastating, but it depends to what extent it is happening and what material your window frame is made from. Wooden window frames are a very popular choice in many areas because they look so attractive. If water gets into the wood, it will cause problems.

3. Sticky Windows

Common window repairs include sticky windows. Some people don’t know they even have sticky windows because it may be a window that they never open. Or it could be that it is overlooked through the winter months but becomes a bigger problem in the summer.

Sticky windows can happen after they’ve been painted because as the paint dries it unintentionally seals the windows. Other causes are associated with the wood swelling from temperature changes or water getting into the wood itself.

4. Signs of Rot

Rotten windows are a disaster. Hopefully, you will spot small signs of rot in the window frame before it becomes too extensive. The bottom line with wood is that it needs maintenance.

Wood that is outside must face the harsh elements. Wood is a beautiful natural material and when properly treated and maintained will last a long time. However, if it is unintentionally neglected and water gets into the wood cells, then it is only a matter of time before it starts to rot, and eventually, the whole frame will need replacing.

5. Drafty Windows

Depending on where you live, this may not even register as a problem. Yet, for many people, there is nothing more annoying than drafty windows. They tend to be in older homes and are related to things like the walls are not aligned or straight.

If the window frame is not properly aligned and sealed in some way, then the air outside will find its way in. A window professional will be able to work out the underlying problem and offer the best solution.

6. Mold on Adjacent Walls

If you spot mold on adjacent walls then, you should get in touch with a window repair company. Your first thought might be that water is penetrating the walls from the floor or foundations. There may be a reason to think like that but don’t forget that water can penetrate windows and run off into the nearest structure.

The result is that the window itself may appear ok. This is because most of the water is draining away from the window and causing problems elsewhere. So, before you get a builder, consider consulting a window professional.

7. Blown Double Glazing

The whole purpose of double-glazing windows is to have a window that insulates the inside from the outside using a vacuum between two pieces of glass. This clever design improves sound insulation and heat insulation. However, if the vacuum is compromised in some way, then all of those benefits are either lost completely or diminished.

If you see moisture on the inside of the window that is within the insulated gap, then that is a sign that your double glazing has blown. Air and moisture with it, is getting into the gap. Another sign is that the inside of your windows sort of fog over at certain times of the day.

Once again, this will need professional help to repair. There may be a few options depending on your windows warranty and your budget. Either way, you’ll need to choose a window repair service to help.

Expert Window Repairs

In this article, you’ve read about 7 common types of window repairs. Depending on how affected you feel by the damage to the window it is tempting to leave the matter for another time. That is a false economy.

Your windows are such an important part of your home and its energy efficiency, that what you save on basic window repairs, you will waste on inefficient energy use. It is smart to call in expert help.

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