Why Should You Replace A Cracked Window?

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Did you know that a cracked glass window is more than an eyesore? Cracks in your window glass allow the hot air to come inside and cool air to escape out of your home during summer and vice-versa during winter. That’s why it is crucial to address and fix the issue before it gets worse. The initial step you need to take is to identify what sort of crack your glass window has sustained. Comprehending the kind of crack you have can help you analyze whether you can fix it with simply DIY or you need replace glass services.  

Types of residential glass window cracks

1. Impact Crack:

As the name suggests, an impact crack is a break in the glass caused by the force of an object that hits your window. Think this way- a group of kids playing in the backyard threw the baseball in the wrong direction, eventually hitting your window. As there is a lot of force on an impact crack, fixing it can be dangerous. Just in case, if you attempt any temporary fixing, be careful!

2. Stress Crack:

These cracks might look small but have the immense potential to cause a lot of damage. Stress crack generally starts at the edge of a window but can spread across the glass because of variation in atmospheric pressure. A stress crack can also appear due to continuous shutting and opening of the glass. It is important to find out the stress crack early if you want a fair chance to repair the glass. However, instead of repairing the glass yourself, it is better to reach out to a glass replacement service provider in Ottawa.

3. Pressure Crack:

Compared to all three, the least common type of glass window crack is a pressure crack. These cracks take place when there is an abrupt shift in pressure. Mostly, the cause of that pressure is a slight change in atmospheric pressure; however, it can also occur if the glass is installed poorly. The easiest way to figure out a pressure crack is to check the shape of the crack. For example, if the glass has cracked in the shape of an hourglass, then it is a pressure crack.

Tips to Temporarily Fix a Broken Glass Window

Fixing broken glass in a window is generally a temporary repair. There are some easy and quick tips you can follow. However, the safest way to permanently fix a broken glass window is to replace the glass! While searching for a professional window glass replacement or repair service provider in Ottawa, if a temporary solution is what you are looking for, try any of these below-listed fixes.

1. Masking Tape: 

Try using masking tape on either side of the cracked glass. This will help keep the cracked glass intact; also prevent it from worsening further. Ensure to extend the masking tape past the crack on each side and press it a bit into the glass for better outcomes.

2. Glass Adhesives: 

Yes, we know glass adhesives are typically advertised to be used on car windshields, but they are a good option for fixing cracked glass windows temporarily. All you need to do is to clean the crack properly and remove any potential debris prior to applying a tape to the back of the crack. This will keep the adhesive from oozing out on the opposite side of the window. With the help of a brush or syringe, apply the glass adhesive to the crack and let it dry completely before removing the tape.

3. Thick Plastic Cover:

If you are just looking for a temporary fix to knock out the bugs from entering your space, applying a thick plastic covering on the top of the crack will surely do the wonders. Get a thick plastic covering from a market or chop off a large piece of a shower curtain or shopping bag made from a plastic sheet to cover the surface area of the cracked glass. Use duct tape to adhere to the edges of the plastic of the glass.

Reasons to Replace a Cracked Glass Window

1. Improved Appearance:

There is no denying that cracked glass is neither attractive nor safe. Cracked, broken, or chipped window glass can take a toll on your home’s curb appeal. No matter how elegant your home looks from the outside, if there is cracked glass, the aesthetic appeal of your house will get decreased.

2. Added Safety:

If you have noticed a crack in your glass window, it is better to call a professional glass replacement service provider and get it replaced as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your belongings and loved ones. A brand new glass is always hard to break compared to a cracked one.

3. Weather Resistant:

If you choose to replace window glass, you can prevent dust, dirt, and other allergens from entering. Also, a replaced glass would stop excess air from entering and be weather resistant. 

Final Thoughts! 

Broken or cracked glass is nothing less than a nightmare. We all have gone through it in one or the other way. Some might have a cracked glass window; others may have a visible crack in their glass door. However, replacing a cracked window glass doesn’t have to be so exhausting if you get in touch with Window Medics.

In Ottawa, Window Medics is the leader in providing top-notch window glass repair and replacement services. Hence, if you are planning to get your cracked glass fixed, you know where to find replace glass services.

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