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We always like to replace things. New is always better, isn’t it? Plus, why would you spend the time and money to buy something new whenever that same amount of money gets you a new thing? When it comes to windows, most people are no different. Whether their window has developed cracks due to age or has been shattered by an ill thrown baseball, most people will try to replace the windows with something new.

However, repairing the windows is not only an easier process, but it also can save you some money and time. Plus, most repairs target the specific problem that your window has, and a quick fix can make that problem go away.


Common Problems Affecting Your Windows Glass

If your windows suffer from one of these problems, then you can easily repair the window. Look to see what your problem is, and then see how easy it can be to get the windows repaired.

These problems can happen to any window, especially older ones, so you may see more problems with your windows if you live in an older house.

Leaking Water and Broken Seals

If you find water around your window on the inside, then it typically means that your window seals are broken or damaged. Some ways to tell if your seals are damaged include:

  • Looking for Distortion:

    When window seals break, the gas inside the windows tends to leak out and cause bending in the windowpanes or other distortions.

  • Cleaning the Glass:

    If you clean the glass and the windows still look muggy, then the seal is broken.

  • Seeing water:

    If you see water between the two panes of a window, then that typically means that the seals are broken and are letting water into the house.

Broken Glass

If the glass on your window is cracked, broken, or starting to break, then you need to determine what type of glass your window has. If the window is a single pane window, then the cracks can be repaired, but if the window is multi-paned, then the window will often need to be replaced.

Rotting Wood

This is typically because of exposure to water, but when the wood outside the window starts to rot, then you might need to replace your windows. The extent of the damage depends on where the rot is.

If the frames rot and the window feel loose in its frame, then you’ll need to replace the windows. But if the sashes and dividers are rotted, then you can typically repaint over them and ignore it as long as the rot isn’t too bad.

The Window Won’t Open or Close

If your window won’t open or close, there can be several reasons for why this happens. Sometimes the window needs to be cleaned, lubricated, or repaired. Sometimes the tracks that a window slides on are jammed or broken, and you need to inspect the tracks that the window moves on.

Often, a quick clean will allow you to open the window or close it. If your window uses a pulley system where you tug on a cord to open or close the window, take a look at the system to make sure it isn’t broken.

What To Do to Replace a Window

Before you call a window glass replacement company to replace your window, do your best to repair your window yourself. There’s a lot of different ways to repair a window, and it’s easier than you might think.

Here are some of the easiest ways to repair your window, regardless of what damages it.

Fixing Shattered Glass

If you wake up to a broken window, then the first thing you need to do is clean up the glass. Once everything is clean, examine the window and figure out how bad the damage is.

Sometimes it might just be a long crack down the middle of the glass, while other times the entire window could be beyond repair.

Regardless of the damage, you need to remove the window and any broken glass. Once that’s done, you need to remove the glass pane and replace it.


Fixing Cracked and Rotted Wood

If the wood around your window isn’t too rotted, you can repair it yourself. Simply take some liquid epoxy and cover the rotting area. Make sure to fill in any cracks or damaged areas, and then wait. The putty penetrates the wood, and once it hardens, you can sand away the rough edges and repaint.

The rot is covered, and your windows look as good as new. You’ll still need to keep an eye on the window because you didn’t fix the rot itself, but cosmetically you are okay.

Repairing Leaky Windows

If water is coming in through your windows, you can patch the hole in different ways. Most windows use caulk as a waterproof sealant, and problems with water start to occur whenever that caulk peels off and becomes less effective.

If you can remove the bad caulking and paint, then you can make a clean seal with new caulk to patch the hole. It’s simple to buy a caulking gun and fill in the gaps that are letting water into your home.

When To Replace a Window

Unfortunately, there are some problems with the windows that can’t be solved with a simple trip to the hardware store. The time will come when windows need to be replaced, and there are a few common problems that will need a window replacement company to fix.

Heavy Rotting

If the rot in your window extends to the exterior of your house and isn’t contained to just one part, you’ll need to get the window replaced. Additionally, you might want to hire someone to look at the structure of your house to see how bad the rot is.


Condensation Inside the Window

Most double pane windows have two layers of glass separated by a space, and in that space is gas. The gas is typically Argon, and its job is to stop the temperature from coming through the glass. Think of it like a roadblock, where the middle space catches any colder air coming in from outside.

This not only keeps your windows cool and increases insulation, but it also prevents condensation from appearing on your glass. However, it can fail. If condensation builds up on this middle space, then suddenly you’re out of luck.

A professional will have to ‘defog’ your windows, making sure that all the water is removed from that middle space. It’s a long process, and sometimes it’s easier to just buy a new window.

Knowing When to Repair and Replace

Replacing a window is no easy task and can cost some money. Before you call your nearest window glass replacement company, look at the problem and see if it can be repaired on your own.

Typically, minor problems like cracked glass or damaged caulking can be fixed. If rot sets in or you have condensation, then you need to replace the window.

If you find the right window glass replacement company, then getting your window replaced will be a snap. You’ll have high-quality windows that have been replaced by professionals, and they will take you another several years before trouble starts up again.

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