The Benefits Of Choosing Commercial Glass Window & Door Repair

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Dual-pane insulated glass windows and doors are energy efficient. The air trapped between the glass panes creates a barrier that keeps the indoor space warm in winter and cool in summer. Besides providing a thermal barrier, these window and doors are also acoustically resistant and do not allow ambient noises to penetrate indoor. Hence, many commercial enterprises opt for these doors.

The downside is that these windows and doors come with a lifespan and sooner or later, they tend to get cloudy and foggy. This happens due to a process known as solar pumping.

What is Solar Pumping?

When glass windows and doors are exposed to sunlight, the glass panes heat up. This causes the air trapped between the two glass panes to heat and expand. To alleviate the pressure exerted by the expanded air, small amounts of air are released into the surroundings. In the evening, when the windows/door cools down, the air cools and contracts. Air from surroundings rushes in to occupy the space. This air has moisture but thankfully, this moisture does not cause a problem as there is silica desiccant between the glass panes that absorbs it.

Over time, the desiccant gets saturated and that is when the glass window/door will have issues. It will turn foggy as the moisture will not get absorbed. Instead, it will condense, resulting in the cloudiness of the glass pane. This can undermine the look and feel of your commercial establishment and make the window and door less energy efficient.

Under normal circumstances, you will want to replace the affected door and window. However, now you can opt for commercial glass door repair and get astounding results.

Why Choose Repair over Replacement?

Window Medics uses a patented technique and the latest technology to repair commercial glass doors and windows that have turned foggy. This repair will save you 50% to 70% of the cost of replacing the glass door/window. Besides this, it will also restore the thermal insulating and acoustics resisting properties of the door or window. When double-pane glass doors or window get cloudy and foggy, it affects their ability to be energy efficient, and this can increase your heating and cooling costs.

Above all, when you choose commercial glass door repair, you will be able to restore the aesthetics of your establishment, and this will have a positive effect not just on the way customers perceive you but also on the morale and productivity of your employees.

The Bottom Line

So, if you notice that the glass door or window of your property has turned cloudy or foggy, do not think of replacing it. Instead, get in touch with Window Medics in Ottawa. The skilled and experienced technicians will provide seamless and effective commercial glass door repair that will save you money and restore the door and window to its former glory.

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