Benefits of Foggy Glass Window Repair

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Home Benefits of Foggy Glass Window Repair

Double and triple-pane windows are designed to have a limited lifespan. Hence, depending on the brand you purchase, the windows in your home will get foggy. This fogginess occurs due to the silica desiccant getting saturated. Rather than replacing such windows, you should opt for foggy glass window repair as it comes with a lot of benefits.


Once homeowners understand why windows turn foggy and how repairing them can save them money in the long run, they choose repair over replacement.


How Glass Windows Turn Foggy

Double and triple-pane windows undergo a process known as solar pumping and it is due to this process that these windows come with a limited lifespan.


These windows have air between the glass panes. This air gets heated when the windows are exposed to sunlight. As a result, it expands and exerts pressure on the glass panes. To alleviate this pressure, small amounts of air are released into the surroundings.


When the windows cool down, the air between the glass panes also cools. This creates space and the air from the surroundings enters to fill it up. This air contains moisture, which the silica desiccant absorbs.


The desiccant keeps absorbing moisture until it gets saturated. When that happens, the moisture has no place to go and it condenses, leading to foggy windows. This fogginess cannot be cleaned or wiped as it is present between the two glass panes.


Under normal circumstances, most homeowners think of replacing foggy windows. However, now you can opt for foggy glass window repair and restore the affected windows.


Benefits of Repairing Foggy Windows

Replacing windows is an expensive undertaking. However, when you choose to repair foggy windows, you can save between 50% and 70% of the overall cost of replacing the affected windows. The repair restores the clarity of the glass panes and also restores the thermal insulating properties of the windows. Furthermore, it can enhance the life of the windows by up to 20 years.


These benefits, especially the cost savings, make the repair a more attractive proposition compared to replacing the windows. That is why it is a highly sought-after repair service.


The Bottom Line

As a homeowner, you want your home to look aesthetically pleasing and also want to maintain its resale value. So, if you find that the windows of your home have turned foggy, you will want to take corrective measures right away. Instead of going for the more expensive option, which is replacing the windows, you can choose a foggy glass window repair service and restore the windows to their former glory without spending a lot of money. In Ottawa, homeowners can get in touch with Window Medics to repair and restore foggy glass windows. The company uses the latest technology and specialized equipment to carry out seamless and effective foggy glass window repair.


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