How To Maintain A Glass Doors?

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Many office buildings and hotels have glass doors at their entrance, and they always look clean. Ever wondered how they manage to keep them clean and welcoming all the time?


It turns out; it is not that easy to keep them clean all the time. But with a few tips and guides, you can achieve the same cleanliness too. Read ahead to know how to maintain your glass door so that it remains clean, protected, and long-lasting.


1. Regular cleaning


There are no tricks or shortcuts – if you want to clean glass doors, you have to clean them manually at regular intervals with microfiber cloth and glass cleaner. If there are any severe rains and winds, you might want to clean it immediately after.


If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, you can always hire a glass door repair company to do it for you.


2. Frequent inspection


Run a routine inspection of your glass door. Check if there are tiny cracks or any other damages. Remember that even the tiniest of cracks or damages can grow bigger and create significant damages. If you see any cracks, call a glass door repair company to fix the cracks without any delay.


3. Proper maintenance


Your glass door can easily last for upto 30 years, considering your focus on proper maintenance from time to time. You don’t have to contact any repair services in 30 years should you attend to your glass door when they require it.


But remember, inspection and maintenance frequency can vary for different door windows in different places. While a glass door installed in a high building or places closer to the sea or ocean will face more dirt from rains and winds, glass doors inside buildings or in clean localities might not face as much dirt and debris.


4. Keep the doors open


Glass doors in the bathroom have a higher chance of getting dirty soon. With high amounts of water splashes leading to water stains, glass doors are prone to etching and permanent damage.


Use sponges to clean your glass doors with proper cleaning solutions and keep them open to get rid of moisture in the bathrooms.


Work with Window Medics: A professional glass repair company


Working with your windows might seem like an easy task, but it requires professional expertise to fix, repair, and clean your windows up to your code. A professional company will know which cleaning solution to use and all the right tools and ingredients for proper maintenance and inspection.


Window Medics has provided professional services for over a decade and instantly became the customer’s favorite service. With a hardworking and expert team of professionals, your windows are in the best hands with Window Medics.

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