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Replacing windows may be a good option for most households that can’t afford to do more, but if your windows are not bad now, you may still be able to afford to have them fixed. When you think about it, repairing the windows is an unusually complicated undertaking. You need to know about the fundamentals of windows and its functionality as well as possible and keep up with the new features.

For this reason, it is a wise decision to contact a professional window restoration company to fix your old windows. Here are some of the methods used in window restoration.

1. Defogging

Fog, moisture, and condensation are a few of the reasons your windows don’t function properly. They provide a blurred view to the outside and eventually shorters the lifespan of windows. And even when they are not supposed to, they look old and worn out.

There are many reasons for window fogging. Sometimes it can be poor room heating, improper ventilation, excess moisture from a hot shower, or hot food. The moisture, when you don’t have anywhere to escape, ends up fogging the windows.

Defogging is when the tiny holes on the outside window pane are drilled while allowing the space to dry and the holes are closed. This is not an easy or quick process and might take upto months.

2. Replacing the glass

Window glass sometimes has small cracks, either pressure cracks or impact cracks, and they shouldn’t be avoided at any cost. Not only are they an eyesore, but also a factor in your increased monthly energy bill.

Winds and drafts coming through tiny cracks are hard to notice, and you end up using the cooler or heater more depending on the weather and season.

While a temporary solution includes sealing with tapes, you cannot rely on them for longer. Eventually, you will have to consider a permanent professional repair of cracked glass or replace the glass altogether.

3. Fix exterior window casing

With time, the exterior casing of the windows gets loose, cracked, or rot. Sometimes this leads to a missing piece of the exterior casing. And this makes the windows look bad or sometimes causes failure in proper operating and closing the windows.

The repair of the old and damaged enclosure involves the restoration of the old enclosure or its complete replacement. After repair, the next step should be the glazing to prevent further wear and tear.


If you are looking for a window repairing company to fix your old windows, you can contact Window Medics. With over ten years of service, Window Medics is a trusted company and the fastest-growing company in the window industry in Ottawa.

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