How To Choose Between Window Repair And Replacement And Get The Most Efficiency

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If your windows are old and damaged a bit, you might be wondering whether you should consider window replacement or window repair in Ottawa. In this blog, we will discuss when it is best to repair a window and when replacement is the only solution and how to get the most efficiency. If you are also looking for the most efficient solution for your windows, keep reading the blog till the end to get all the answers you want to know about.


When Window Repair in Ottawa Is the Best Solution


In windows, there are only two main areas that may get damaged and need repair and maintenance over time:

  • Window glass
  • Areas that Surround the Glass


Here, we will discuss issues that may arise in both these parts.


Broken Glass

You might have been advised to replace your window if its glass has broken or cracked. Fortunately, there is no need to replace your entire windows. By getting in touch with Window Medics, you can repair small cracks or simply replace the glass instead of the entire window. This will save you significant money and can make your window as energy efficient as when they were brand new, especially if the frame is fine and not damaged in any way.


Chipped or Peeling Paint

If your window paint is getting chipped or peeled, you can spruce up the look of your windows by simply scraping the old paint and painting your windows with a new paint coat. Adding a fresh coat of paint will rejuvenate the look of your windows.


Water Damage

If your windows have coffee-like stains, it means that water has slowly been seeping into your windows. Check out the source of excess moisture that is causing water damage. In some cases, water can seep through the cracks developed in the glass as well. To put a full stop to the water damage, you can call professionals for window repair in Ottawa to repair glass, remedy the water damage, and find the root cause to prevent the future damage.


Damaged Mullions/Muntins

Muntins and mullions are small wood pieces that are fixed between the panes of glass in a cross-like pattern. While these pieces in some windows are used for purely decorative purposes, they might be a part of the support for window panes in many windows. No matter if they are designed to support or provide a designer look, you need to get them repaired if they are chipped, peeling, or dented.


Failing Caulks

If your window has got decades old, you might also be facing the issue of a dried, cracked, or flaky caulk seal. It is a known fact that caulking in windows eventually fails which may allow the water and air (and sometimes even insect) to get inside. Since it can lead to more energy consumption to maintain the desired temperature in your home, you need to fix this issue as soon as possible. All you need is to call Window Medics for window repair in Ottawa to restore the energy efficiency of your windows.


Minor Rotting in Frames

Wood rot is a common problem developed due to water damage. If your window has just begun started to rot because of heavy rain, snowmelt, or humidity, it’s time to call experts to repair your window. However if your window frame has rotted severely, your window might not be salvageable.


Issues with opening and closing

If you find it difficult to open and close your windows, you need to get window repair expert to fix the issue. Sticking windows are not only frustrating but can be a fire hazard. The problem with opening or closing a window often occurs when the paint on the sash is too thick, the spring is loose if the window has a spring-type sash, the window frame is twisted, or hinges and latches have got rusty.


Air leakage from spaces

Is there some space between the panes of glass and the window frame? If yes, then you might experience a draught feeling when closing your windows. Even small spaces can compromise the heating and cooling efficiency of your home appliances due to the air leakage through these small spaces. Luckily, you can solve this problem by calling our window repair professionals.


Foggy Windows

If your windows often get foggy or have condensation droplets and you can’t see through them, Window Medics professional can help defog your windows and maintain excellent visibility throughout the year.



When Window Replacement Is the Only Solution

Window replacement is the best solution only if your window is heavily damaged along with its frame. The best way to decide is to see if the cost of window repair is getting higher than the cost of replacement.


Another factor to consider is the window performance and energy efficiency. As your window ages, the performance of your window starts degrading, causing your electricity bills to be higher than they should be. You can have a professional inspect your windows to see if they are still energy-efficient or not. If not, it is best to replace your traditional windows with energy-efficient rated and certified windows to save hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling costs.


Another reason to replace your window might be the aesthetics. If you don’t like your existing windows and there is no way you will like them even after getting them newly painted, then what you need is window replacement.


Tips to Get the Most Efficiency Out of Your Old Windows

You can try several methods to enhance the energy efficiency of your old windows, for instance:

  • Apply caulking and weather stripping to avoid air leakage
  • Apply solar window films to protect them from solar heat and UV rays
  • Install low-emissivity storm panels to achieve a stable temperature
  • Upgrade your window glass
  • Install window awnings to avoid direct sunlight


In most cases, you can easily repair your windows and restore the energy efficiency of your windows with the help of skilled professionals of Window Medics. So, if you are facing any issue with one or more windows in your home and need window repair in Ottawa, please feel free to contact us.


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