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How well you maintain your glass windows and doors can make or break the appearance of your property. Most homeowners in Ottawa put off glass window care until something breaks, resulting in glass repair or replacement. It is good to pay attention to your windows and doors regularly instead of waiting for glass damage to become irreversible.

Scroll down to learn how to preserve the aesthetics and design of your house by maintaining your glass windows and doors.

Why Does Glass Maintenance for Windows and Doors Matter?

Glass windows and doors are ideal for increasing sustainability by allowing more natural light into your house. However, because of the possible cost of repair, these enormous windows are frequently overlooked.

Unkept glass windows and doors make the house appear older and lower its perceived worth. Generally, a broken window/door glass repair in Ottawa is less expensive than the possible harm a broken window or door might cause, which in turn can severely impair a home’s value.

Routine servicing and inspection can help extend the life of glass windows and doors, boost lighting, improve security, avoid leakage and dirt build-up, and save money on glass repair.

Maintenance Tips for Glass Windows and Doors

1. Regularly clean your windows and doors.

Routine cleaning prevents the accumulation of debris and filth. It is recommended that you clean your glass windows and doors once a month or after any storm or rain that may leave stains on your glass pane. Use a microfiber cloth and non-corrosive cleaners wherever possible.

2. Conduct a regular inspection.

If you hire a glass repair service frequently, the expense might add up quickly. As a result, it’s best to avoid any irreversible harm. Evaluate and repair minor defects as soon as they appear to prevent this from occurring.

A regular inspection is best conducted by a professional, but you can perform it yourself if you know what to look for. Inspect the seals for debris build-up and deterioration. Check for smooth motion of moving parts, as well as any moisture. Glass repair in Ottawa should be done immediately if any breakage is discovered.

Professionals that specialize in glass repair can conduct a more thorough examination since they can examine all aspects of the windows and doors, including:

  • The materials and finishes of the frames
  • Hardware
  • Weather-stripping
  • Sealants and gaskets
  • Any signs of water damage or leaks
  1. Know when you should repair or replace your glass window

Get in touch with a reputable glass repair company such as Window Medics before a minor breakage becomes a major problem. A professional glass window repair service provider can assess the degree of the damage and make the appropriate glass repairs to avert further harm.

The following are some indicators which point that you may require professional glass window repair or replacement services:

  • A cracked window, sealant, or gasket indicates hot or cold air coming in through closed windows.
  • Your energy consumption is increasing because of drafty or broken glass windows.
  • Any signs of a water leak, such as paint flaking or dry rot, near or around the windows.
  • You find it hard to open, close, and lock doors and windows.
  • You are noticing spaces around the windows or under the door.
  • There is fog between the double-glazed windows.

If you notice any of these indicators, it may be time to contact a renowned agency for glass repair in Ottawa.

Is It Possible to Repair Cracked Glass Window or Door?

It is challenging to fix cracked glass in most instances. You can determine whether or not the glass crack can be fixed by the sort of crack you have. Glass window or door that has fractures longer than an inch, double-paned glass with holes in both panes, or glass that has broken into pieces is considered damaged beyond repair. In that case, you need a glass replacement service in Ottawa.

It also implies that it is possible to repair any cracked glass window of that size or smaller. However, it’s also crucial to remember to fix cracked glass windows and doors as soon as possible because small cracks can quickly become big if exposed to humidity, temperature fluctuations, or overuse.

In short, some cracks are tiny enough to be fixed by yourself or a professional. However, depending on the extent of the damage, it may only be a temporary fix. To solve the problem permanently, you can hire glass replacement service.

How to Repair a Single Pane Window with Cracked Glass?

  • Taping both sides of the fractured glass using masking tape
  • Using super glue to hold the panes firmly
  • Using many layers of sticky material to adhere to the fractured glass

These remedies are not one-size-fits-all. You’ll need to figure out what kind of cracked glass you have before attempting to repair it. If you are unsure about which glass window crack you have or if the crack has become too big, contact a professional to repair or replace the glass.

Frequency of Glass Window Maintenance

A correctly installed and maintained glass window can last for over a decade without the need for glass repair. It is advisable to inspect and maintain your glass window twice a year, but the regularity can change depending on a variety of factors.

A large window on a high-rise, for example, will be exposed to more wind and abrasive dust than a small window on a small building. As a result, the former may require more care and broken window repair services on a more frequent basis.

Collaborate with Experts

When looking for a glass repair service in Ottawa, it’s critical to find someone who is specialist in the field. You can choose Window Medics as their professionals have mastered the art of glass replacement and repair for doors, windows, skylights, and more.

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