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Ignoring cracked window glass, even if the crack is small, is dangerous. Sometimes, you don’t experience the danger of cracked window glass soon. But, with time, things become complicated. Cracked window glass impacts the interior temperature as well as the security level of your home. The hot and cold wind in the respective seasons disturbs the indoor temperature, making survival difficult for all. And burglars and thieves get a chance to hamper household properties and human lives.

repair glass cracks in Ottawa


As cracked window glass is unsafe for you and your property, you should repair it as soon as possible. If you want, you can try some DIY ideas to repair the cracked glass. But always keep in mind that DIY repairs are often temporary. Also, the DIY repairs mostly work on small glass cracks. If you want a permanent solution, you should work with professionals like Window Medics to repair glass cracks in Ottawa.


For DIY repair of cracked window glass, you should follow the following tricks:

Fix a tape over the crack: Fixing a tape over the crack will prevent it from spreading. A tape will seal the crack strongly for the time being. The only thing is that tape is not the most aesthetically pleasing solution. The tape is visible, destroying the overall look of the window and home interiors. The best part of fixing the crack in the glass using tape is that it is one of the easiest solutions.

For the DIY taping of the cracked window glass, you can use clear packing tape or another strong, clear adhesive tape. Your objective should be that the tape doesn’t come out and cause any distraction.

Apply nail polish or glue– The use of nail polish or glue is yet another easy DIY trick to repair cracked window glass. But make sure you have clear versions of each of these. Avoid using colored pieces of nail polish. If visible, it will not look good.

You need to fill the crack with nail polish or glue and let it dry. Once the solution dries, you should reapply. You will have to repeat this process several times to make sure that the crack is fully filled and sealed.

In this process, you should use the same solution in every application. It would be best not to reshuffle between nail polish and glue. This might impact the repair result.

Use Epoxy for the strongest seal– Epoxy application for repairing cracked window glass takes time, but it’s one of the best solutions. Compared to the other two DIY tricks discussed above, Epoxy, which is a thermosetting polymer, gives the strongest seal and the cleanest look to the windows. If applied professionally, Epoxy nearly erases the existence of a crack.

To use Epoxy, you should thoroughly clean the window. Next, you should fill the crack with Epoxy. You might have to repeat the process to make sure it is done thoroughly and completely. After applying, leave it to dry and scrape off the extra-dried resin.

Sometimes, even professionals prefer an epoxy application to repair glass cracks in Ottawa.

repair glass cracks in Ottawa


What is the best way to repair glass cracks in Ottawa?

Hire Window Medics. We are one of the reputable glass repair companies in Ottawa. With the help of our experienced professionals and advanced glass window repair tools, we deliver quality service. We know how to handle different types of glass problems without messing up further.

Due to years of experience, we know how to deal with all kinds of glass repairs. We can take care of small as well as big cracks in the glass effectively and efficiently without wasting much of your time. Even if you are staying on one of the top floors, we can complete the repair process with safety and security. You won’t face any problems during glass window repairs.

With us, you don’t have to think about glass replacement, which is a costly affair. Our experts will help you save money and give your glass window a long life. Most importantly, our services are highly affordable in Ottawa. It means we deliver quality service with affordability.


What to do before you start repairing a cracked window glass

Whether you are attempting DIY tricks or hiring Window Medics to repair glass cracks in Ottawa, you should first analyze the severity of the crack and try to identify its cause. These details will help you and professionals to find the right and long-lasting solution.

If you fix the cracked window glass randomly without knowing how it happened, the result will not be great. With this, chances are that you might need another repair soon. The result of the first repair will not be long-lasting. Knowing the deep cause of glass damage will help you address it properly.

Other than analyzing the severity of the crack and identifying its cause, you should examine the length and shape of the crack. Also, you should find out if a crack often appears in the particular glass or if the glass is different every time. If the same glass is getting cracked every time, you will have to find some alternative solutions. Chances are that this glass type is not suitable for your home location. We can help you identify this and provide the best solution.

repair glass cracks in Ottawa


How to avoid cracking in the window glass

The best way is to identify the reason for the damage and make necessary changes around the window so that it doesn’t happen again. Some of the reasons that lead to cracks in window glass are: if the glass is old, improperly insulated, and exposed to the extreme temperature inside versus outside.

Window glass repair is important. So, call us today at 613-519-1317.

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