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Damaged or cracked windows are notorious for causing problems. They may swell up and shut due to dampness or stick shut when painted. The window glass may shatter for some reason, and screens may tear. In any of such situations, the first question that may come to your mind is how to fix your window, and for that, you need to connect with the best team of Ottawa window glass repair experts who will help keep your windows in good functioning order. Windows that refuse to open are a typical concern for homeowners and apartment occupants.


Window Glass Repair

If you still want to fix the window independently, here is a guide!

Steps to fix your window

Sticky double-hung wood-frame windows are standard in older homes.


The most common reason is that the window was painted, and the process sealed it completely. The answer is straightforward: clear and lubricate the sash tracks after breaking the seal.


If the window still doesn’t open, inspect the tracks above the sash in the window frame.


They’re most likely blocked by built-up paint. Remove extra paint from window tracks with a hammer and chisel. You can do it easily with a knife, while being careful not to damage the track’s wood or metal. Using sandpaper and a narrow sanding block, smooth out the tracks cleaned out, then spray them with silicone lubricant.


Otherwise, pry it open with a short pry bar from the outside.


Place the flat end of the pry bar under the sash and a block of scrap wood beneath it for further leverage. Pry carefully at the sash’s corners, then inwards from the corners to the middle.


Use the pry bar with caution.


Too much pressure might harm both the sash and the frame. If the window opens, use silicone spray to clean and lubricate the tracks. High humidity, poor construction, or uneven settling could be blamed if it still doesn’t open. Rather than trying to force the window open, call a technician to repair it.


Windows are subjected to a lot of wear and tear while protecting your home from the elements., Thus the glass may break or crack from time to time. In the next part, you’ll learn how to manage this type of window glass repair.


A shattered windowpane lets harsh weather affect the interior and poses a security risk.


Fortunately, shattered glass is the most straightforward issue to resolve, especially if you hire experts for the same. Replacement glass, cut to size, is available at Window Medics if you are a resident of Ottawa. In a single pane (one thickness of glass) window, here’s how to replace a shattered pane:


For a new glass window, measure the frame.


It should be smaller than the opening to allow for expansion, contraction, and frame or glass defects. From inside edge to inside edge, measure both ways across the opening and deduct 1/16 to 1/8 inch each way. Cut double-strength glass to these exact measurements.


Window Glass

Roll another cord of glaziers’ compound and push it firmly into the glass-frame

You need to junction around the new windowpane to seal it like glaziers and compound all around the outside edge. Using a putty knife, do it smoothly all around the seam around the pane.


Hold the putty knife at an angle to the frame’s lip so that the compound is cut smoothly and evenly along the glass.

Dip your putty knife in some lubricating oil and remove any excess if it sticks or pulls at the glaziers’ compound. To keep the joint even around the pane, use long, smooth strokes.


The new compound and frame should be painted to match the rest of the frame

To completely seal the pane, paint just beyond the edge of the compound and onto the glass. Before cleaning the glass, make sure the paint is completely dry.


Is It a Good Idea to Repair Broken Window Glass on Your Own?

DIY tasks can save you money and, in some situations, even be enjoyable – but shattered window glass repair is a different story if you are wondering how to fix windows in Ottawa. Broken window glass repair is a complex process that requires numerous procedures to be accomplished carefully and precisely to fix the window properly. Frequently, the repair necessitates the removal and replacement of a single pane of glass.


What Is the Process of Replacing Broken Window Glass?

In most cases, fixing a broken window pane entails replacing the cracked or missing pane.

To do so, you’ll need to:

  • Remove the broken glass pane, as well as any existing window pane putty, with care.
  • Any current glazing points should be removed.
  • The window frame should be oiled and repaired (if any damage exists).
  • Clean the inside of the frame and re-putty it.
  • Replace the glass, putty, and glazier points as needed.


Risks of Do-It-Yourself Window Repair

Your windows contribute to the security and energy efficiency of your home. If any element of this operation is done wrong, you may be exposed to safety hazards and draughts.


The most common DIY windowpane replacement issues:

Injury: Both homeowners and professionals must wear suitable safety equipment, such as heavy-duty gloves, to avoid cuts and scratches when replacing windowpanes.

Too much putty: When installing new windows, make sure you use the right amount of putty. If you use too much putty, the frame may swell, clouding the glass or pushing it out of the frame. The new pane will eventually fall out of the frame or allow draughts into your home if you put in too little.

Errors with glazier points: It’s challenging to lay glazier points and correctly press the glass into place simultaneously. Without an extra pair of hands, DIYers are unlikely to be able to complete this project. Also, keep in mind that applying too much pressure to the new glass pane may cause it to break. This is where experience comes in handy.


Is it easy to fix my Window in Ottawa with Window Medics?

When you hire a professional to replace your shattered window glass, you avoid the risks that come with DIY installation and save time. You don’t have to be concerned because glass repair and replacement professionals make sure to repair or replace the glass safely and accurately. Window Medics experts will accomplish each window glass repair and replacement safely and efficiently, following industry best practices.

Window Glass


If you require immediate assistance, call the experts at 613-519-1317 for emergency glass repair and replacement services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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