Working of Thermal Windows Explained (Along with Solutions for Fogginess)

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Home Working of Thermal Windows Explained (Along with Solutions for Fogginess)

Thermal windows, technically known as Insulated Glass Units (IGUs), come with higher energy efficiency when compared to single-pane windows. Since their use in residential buildings is continuously increasing, this article is devoted to enhancing the understanding of thermal windows and the solutions for issues that come with them.

Working of Thermal Windows (IGUs)

A large number of windows that are built nowadays for new construction or replacement contain an insulated glass unit. This means they have two or three panes of glass that are sealed together to form a single unit. The space between these panes is filled with either inert gases or air.

A basic thermal window, in which space is filled with air, offers better insulation than a single-pane window. However, thermal energy still continues to transmit as air molecules get easily activated when exposed to heat.

Therefore, more sophisticated thermal windows that have inert gas in space are considered to be a much better option. The molecules of inert gases like Argon or Krypton move very slowly when subjected to heat. As a result, they offer excellent protection from fluctuating temperatures.

In places where temperatures are extreme, triple-pane windows are more preferred solutions as their energy efficiency is even higher than that of double-pane windows.

While thermal windows make the best choice when it comes to insulating a home, a common problem may occur if the seals around the edges of the glass unit fail due to aging or other reasons.

Solutions for House Foggy Windows

House Foggy Window Repair

Many homeowners think that the only solution to get rid of fogginess in windows is to replace their windows. However, window replacement is not only time-consuming but also a very expensive option that homeowners can completely avoid. When faced with fog issues, hiring services for house foggy window repair is the best and most cost-effective solution. The professionals will replace the old broken seal with a new seal and make sure that no fogginess reoccurs until the new seal and glass are intact.

Even if a window glass has cracks that caused inert gas to escape, there is no need to spend on window replacement. Window repair professionals can simply replace the glass in the existing window frames which will cost you much less than replacing the window sash or an entire window. Thanks to the Internet, it is now easier to find a company that replaces and repairs glass in your local area.

Defogging Procedure

Homeowners can also choose another technique that is also effective – defogging procedure. Window defogging is very helpful in expelling the moisture and restoring the visibility in your windows. The only downside is that defogging has nothing to do with regaining the window’s insulating ability (R-value) or replacing inert gas. Nevertheless, one can have this procedure done to eliminate the fogginess and for aesthetics purposes.

Though DIY kits are available, they are not easy to use and do not produce successful results. Only a professional should be hired for defogging as one needs to not only remove the moisture with an anti-fog solution but also to quickly seal the window before the moisturized air can infiltrate it.

In essence, when homeowners notice foggy windows, the safest and best option is to choose a company that is specialized in house foggy window repair and defogging procedures.

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