Why Foggy Glass Repair is Better Than Foggy Window Replacement?

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Windows not only give you a clear view of the outside but also help to keep your home bright and cheerful. They allow natural light to filter in and also help you ventilate your home. So, if windows turn foggy, it will affect the quality of life and also result in poor curb appeal. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry as you can opt for foggy glass repair and restore your windows.


Why Do Windows Turn Foggy?

To understand why windows turn foggy, you should know more about solar pumping. Thermal windows heat up when exposed to sunlight. This causes the air between the two glass panes to expand. As a result, the air exerts pressure on the panes. To alleviate this pressure, a little bit of air is released into the surroundings.


The windows cool down in the evening, and the process reverses. The air between the panes cools down and it contracts as a result. So, this creates space between the two glass panes. Air from the atmosphere is taken in. This air contains moisture, which is absorbed by the silica desiccant present on the space bar of the window.


This process is known as solar pumping. It continues indefinitely through the life of the windows. However, the desiccant gets saturated and that is when homeowners begin noticing a problem with their windows. Since the desiccant cannot absorb any more moisture, the moisture stays trapped between the two glass panes. It condenses and that causes the windows to turn foggy.


The Window Medics Solution for Foggy Windows

Window Medics uses a patented technique for foggy glass repair. This technique not only gets rid of the fogginess but also helps to restore the thermal insulating properties of windows and enhances the life of the windows by up to 20 years.


The cost of repairing foggy windows is extremely affordable. Homeowners can save between 50% and 70% of the cost of replacing the affected windows. Replacing foggy windows is an expensive undertaking and hence, repairing them is a much better solution, especially if it saves money, increases the life of the windows, and also restores the energy-efficiency of the windows.


The Bottom Line

Double- and triple-pane windows come with a specific lifespan. Usually, this is dependent on the quality of the silica desiccant that the manufacturer uses. The better the quality of the desiccant, the longer the window’s lifespan. But the bottom line is that sooner or later, regardless of the quality of the window, it will end up getting foggy once the desiccant gets saturated. So, rather than spending a lot of money to replace these windows, homeowners can choose foggy glass repair and save money without making any compromise.

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