What is the Blown Seal Condition in Your Double-Pane Glass Windows that Needs Repair?

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Double-pane windows, also known as thermal-insulated windows, have many advantages over single-pane windows. They have two panes of glass held apart by a metal strip and a sealant material to provide more control over your room temperatures during summer or winter days. The second layer of glass prevents drafts and heat transfer as your home isn’t directly exposed to the outdoor air. In addition to their thermal insulation property, double-pane windows also help block external noise for a peaceful indoor environment.


But, have you ever noticed that your perfectly clear window suddenly looks foggy while warming your room during winter? You wipe it down from both sides, but the fogginess is still there. This intermittent fogging on your windows might be caused by the “blown seal” in your double-pane glass windows, and you need professional repair and fixing to get rid of it.


Why is this happening?

During the manufacturing of thermal-insulated glass windows, a vacuum space is created by evacuating the moisture present between both glass panes. It provides the insulating properties to your double-pane windows to keep your room warmer in winter. When this dead and dry air space is exposed to the outer environment due to any damage or manufacturing flaws, it allows air to enter the space between both the glass panes. It causes intermittent fogging conditions during the winter when you try to warm up your home from inside.


As double-pane windows are designed to have dead air space for thermal insulation, a small opening in the seal compromises the whole situation. When the temperature drops down outside and at the same time, you try to warm up your room; the air inside both the panes condenses into the liquid to create fog inside your windows. It happens because the outer pane of glass is exposed to cold temperature, and the warm air in your room is introduced to the cavity where it gets cold to generate moisture. The result is the fogging you see in your glass window that won’t go away with simple wiping. It is a sign that you need immediate fixing to avoid further problems with other sealed glass units.


Hire professional glass window repair

You cannot do anything to get rid of fog inside the windows except trying DIY defogging kits that don’t provide long-lasting solutions. Once you discover the intermittent fogging in your windows, the only best option is to hire a professional double-pane glass windows repair service in your local area to fix the blown seal condition and bring back the insulating value of your windows. The professionals will replace the insulated glass unit and seal the space that is causing the fogging problem. You do not need to replace the whole window unit.


At Window Medics, we provide commercial and residential window glass replacement in Ottawa. You can contact us to repair insulated glass units as and when needed.

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