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Foggy double glazing is a common issue that can impact the clarity and functionality of window glass panes. Therefore, understanding the reasons behind this phenomenon is crucial for effective resolution. In this blog, we will explore the top causes of foggy double glazing and highlight the importance of addressing them promptly. Identifying these factors and taking the necessary steps can restore your windows’ transparency and visual appeal.

Poor Window Glass Installation

One of the leading causes of foggy double glazing is poor installation. If the window glass panes are not aligned correctly or have been improperly fitted, it can result in gaps that allow moisture to penetrate between the layers. This moisture build-up leads to foggy windows. Choosing a reputable window glass installation company that ensures precise and professional installation is essential to prevent this issue.

Damaged Window seals1

Damaged Window Seals

The seals around the window glass panes are crucial in maintaining their integrity. However, they can become damaged or deteriorate over time which allows moisture to enter the space between the panes. This moisture accumulation causes foggy double glazing. Regular inspection and maintenance of window seals are necessary to identify signs of wear and damage. Prompt seal repair or replacement will restore the clarity of your windows.

Moisture Infiltration

Moisture infiltration occurs when there is a breach in the window’s weatherproofing. This can happen due to cracks or gaps in the window frames or damaged sealing materials. When moisture enters the space between the panes, it condenses and creates foggy double glazing. Therefore, proper maintenance and repair of the window frames, including addressing any gaps or cracks, are crucial to prevent moisture infiltration and maintaining clear windows.


Low-Quality or Incorrect Cleaning Products

Using harsh chemical cleaning products or improper cleaning techniques on your window glass panes can lead to foggy double glazing as these might leave residues that damage the glass surface, reducing its clarity. Therefore, use gentle, non-abrasive cleaning solutions and techniques recommended by the window manufacturer or a professional. This will help preserve the integrity of the glass and prevent fogging issues.


Aging Window Glass

Over time, window glass can deteriorate, especially in older properties. Aging glass may develop micro-cracks or become less resistant to moisture infiltration. As a result, foggy double glazing can occur. If your windows are aging, it is advisable to consult a window glass expert who can assess the condition of the glass and recommend appropriate solutions, such as repair or replacement, to address the fogging issue.



Foggy double glazing in window glass panes can be attributed to various factors, including poor installation, damaged seals, moisture infiltration, incorrect cleaning products, and aging glass. Understanding these causes allows you to take proactive steps in preventing and resolving fogging issues. Regular maintenance, proper cleaning techniques, and timely repairs or replacements are crucial for maintaining clear and functional windows. If you’re experiencing foggy double glazing, consult a professional window glass expert who can identify the underlying cause and provide effective solutions, ensuring your windows’ transparency and visual appeal are restored.

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