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Although they can appear to be another component of your house, your windows serve a far greater purpose. They not only give forth light but also protect your home from the weather and minimize your energy costs.

Most essential, your home is illuminated by and stands out from the outside – thanks to your windows. The difference between a poor window replacement job and a good one might be night and day. Therefore, it’s crucial to conduct research while seeking high-quality window replacements in the Ottawa region.

A good Window Replacement Company in Ottawa comes with a number of advantages. Windows replaced by them provides enhanced comfort, functionality, curb appeal, and property value in addition to improved energy efficiency. The main benefits for most households are reduced energy costs and increased thermal efficiency.

Your home’s windows are mostly to blame for energy loss. According to ENERGY STAR, up to 25% of the overall energy loss in your home can be attributed to windows, doors, and skylights. In addition, you will lose heat in the winter and cool air in the summer if your windows are inefficient. As well you’ll pay more for energy due to Ottawa’s frigid winters and mild summers.

Window Medics

Window Medics offers high-quality and reasonably priced windows, doors, and glass repair services. Incorporated in 2004 by Michael Joasil, they provide services across the US and Canada. The company’s dedication to providing excellent service, innovation, quality, value, and community leadership has helped them become a pioneer in the sector and a well-known brand among countless happy consumers.

Objective: Make Things Better through Innovation and Commitment.

The company has earned a solid reputation over the past ten years for their first-rate selection of windows, doors, and glass solutions as well as for their professional services. Their cutting-edge solutions do more than just frame the landscape or provide much-needed protection; they also make life simpler, improve the look of your property, and add significant features.

Motivation: Continuous Improvement and Best-in-class Service

 The company is dedicated to making constant improvements to the solutions and services they provide. They have become the largest thermal windowpane restoration firm in the country as a result of this push. They have restored more than a million thermal pane windows and doors using a committed team of skilled technicians, offering significant cost savings to their customers.

For new construction, renovation, and replacement projects, Window Medics now provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality residential and commercial windows, doors, and glass. Their team of professionals makes sure that their customers receive gorgeous and sturdy windows and doors that match entirely their needs in terms of style and price.

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors specialist has been providing its blue ribbon as well as energy-efficient window and door replacement service in Ottawa. Hence, earning an exceptional 4.6 stars on Google Reviews.

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors continues to be committed to providing customers with products and services of the highest caliber. Their in-house qualified and skilled technicians and supervisors assist with the locally produced windows and doors.

They produce – They install – They maintain.

Relish the assistance comprehending all the approved items and licensed specialists are covered by the company’s extensive service of a lifetime transferable warranty that costs nothing. To schedule your FREE in-home quotation and consultation right now, dial down the nearest Canadian Choice Windows and Doors location in Ottawa.

Efficient, Functional, Robust, DraftLOCK Performance

Hardware for Canadian Choice windows and doors is intended to not just meet but surpass industry requirements. Your house will stay comfier, securer, and more durable for longer – thanks to the company’s impact-resistant, sound-proofing, narrow contour frames that DO NOT break, fade, or warp.

With their Low-E coating technology, which reflects heat in the summer and absorbs it in the winter, you can shield your house all year round. With the help of their recently created DraftLOCK technology, you can pick from more than 40 different designs while enhancing your home’s energy efficiency by up to 25% and reducing your energy expenditures by up to 50%.

Putting You FIRST

Customers in Ottawa can always count on their technicians and customer service representatives to deliver the finest service possible. Due to over 2,000 favorable evaluations and more than a million installations across the nation, they were named the Best of HomeStars for 2021.

They create durable items just for you. Their customer care staff is there to listen to your concerns and provide prompt assistance if you ever have an installation or manufacturing defect. Their top goal is making sure you are happy.

BigCity Windows and Doors

Despite only existing since 2010, BigCity Windows and Doors has earned a 9.4 average HomeStars customer rating, making it among the finest window repair service in the Ottawa region. With their products, you may create a variety of windows and doors along with LockTight features.

Quality and Versatility

Whether it’s performance, security, or design, you can be confident that the service will satisfy all of your requirements. They have you covered with their wide selection of many style options, styles, and window kinds, including casement and architectural.

Their local project experts can help you locate the perfect window and door for your house, whether you like a modern or more traditional style in terms of design.

Quality Service

The company take pleasure in the excellent ratings for its windows and doors from customers, the expertise of its installers, and the quality checks performed after installation to guarantee constant client happiness.

The bottom line is that BigCity windows and doors has a strong team of customer care representatives that will resolve your issues as quickly as possible and at zero cost.


If you’re in the market for window replacements, it’s important to do your research and find a quality company that can meet your needs. Window Medics has been serving Ottawa residents for years and is known for their high-quality workmanship. Contact the experts today to get started on your replacement project!

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