Three Reasons You Cannot Overlook Glass Repair?

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Home Three Reasons You Cannot Overlook Glass Repair?

Windows are the eyes of your home and the primary focus when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your house as well as determining its resale value. Besides this, windows also keep out harsh weather, temperature conditions, intruders, and insects as well as allow you to reduce your carbon footprint, and keep your electricity bills low. This helps also keep your home nice and warm. The most important feature when it comes to commercial glass installation in Ottawa is choosing double and triple pane thermal insulated windows that can help slow the transfer of heat, increase energy ratings, and more. Even though it comes with so many benefits, this extra layer of glass comes with its own set of potential complications that you cannot overlook. Here’s why.

Broken panes

One common problem that arises with a commercial glass installation in Ottawa is that most multi-paned windows suffer from issues like cracked glass, broken seals, damaged panes, and more – this happens when there is too much pressure on one side and the pane develops a stress crack. These cracks can be caused by anything from high temperatures, to any sharp objects and more and will usually stick to either the inner or outer side of the pane. Now when you wind up with issues like this replacing the entire glass can often be expensive, time-consuming, and a complete hassle. Depending on how bad the crack is, you can look for a well-established brand like Window Medics that will be able to repair your glass at an affordable rate, both quickly and efficiently.

So many people try to DIY this issue and just keep in mind that broken glass will not only injure you and others around you but it can make the situation worse and before you know it, you’ll be spending more on replacing the entire glass. Having a professional take care of this problem is so much easier and better as they come well trained, equipped with the latest equipment, tools, products, and are experienced in these kinds of issues; they will help you tackle it as well as provide you tips on how to maintain it in the long run. It all comes down to how well your clean, look after and maintain your windows, ensure that there is no dirt or grime accumulating on your window, and if you have just bought or moved into a new home, you can call your local window repair professionals like Window Medics to take a look at the hinges, glass, and other areas so that they can fix it before the issue gets worse.

Foggy glass

Another issue that happens which is unique to double and triple pane glass is the fogging up of the glass between the panels. During the hot summer months, the inert gas filled in the space between the panes expands and puts pressure on the glass. To reduce this pressure, a small amount of air is released. Once the weather outside cools down, the pressure reduces and the outside air is sucked back into the pane. This air often contains a small amount of moisture which is absorbed by the silica desiccant in the space bar. But after years of absorbing moisture continuously, the desiccant reaches its saturation level and cannot absorb any more moisture. This seal failure leads to foggy glass. Once this happens it not only compromises your visibility but thermal insulation as well and makes your panes look shabby and dated beyond belief.

Replacing your window will not only be time-consuming, but expensive and a complete hassle not to mention will affect the aesthetics of your home. Some reputable companies like Ottawa Window Medics have developed a special patented process that allows them to defog your windows, restore visibility, as well as thermal insulation to its original condition for up to another 20 years. This helps you save on money, time, and the hassle of having to repair your windows. Hiring a professional for this job once again becomes easier as they will be able to quickly and efficiently rectify the issue and you won’t need to deal with any window manufacturers or dealers.

Drafty windows

If you notice a chilled breeze in your home or your electricity bills going up for no reason, it could be a broken pane. Broken glass panes can lead to leaks or even let air and insects in from the outside. It can be caused due to force, calking around the windows which have peeled or cracked, or even if the weatherstripping isn’t sealed well. This can even happen to windows that have been in your home a long time and haven’t been repaired or replaced. When this happens, you need to get it fixed immediately as it can not only further compromise the windows but even increase your carbon footprint, utility bills and be a one-way path for intruders to get in.

Start by hiring a professional such as Ottawa Window Medic. The expert will come to take a look and see how they best repair your window. Professionals come with years of training, skill, and experience and they will be able to give you a quote as well as tell you how to best fix the issue. It may even be that the window unit was installed incorrectly and they would require to remove and install it again or repair it.

In Summary

When it comes to your insulated glass pane windows, a host of problems can affect them during their lifetime. Just be sure to know where to turn when you find yourself in such situations. Ottawa Window Medics is experienced, well-established, and has developed a special patented process that changes the way window companies function today. They can ensure that you will get the best service for your windows which is done swiftly and efficiently as well as fits within your budget. Ottawa Window Medics will even offer your products and services which can greatly improve the condition of your windows.


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