Should You Defog or Replace Your Window Glass?

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The average cost for window replacement can get up to about $650 per window. However, with other windows, especially customized windows, this price can jump to over $1,000. Finding window glass repair in Ottawa instead of replacing windows can save you a lot of money.

Do you want to learn when you should defog your windows or when you should find residential glass replacement in Ottawa or commercial glass replacement in Ottawa? Keep reading this article to see which option is best for you and for everything you need to know about foggy windows.

Why Do Windows Fog?

Before you choose whether you should defog or replace your windows, it can be helpful to learn why your windows are fogging.

One common reason that windows are foggy is if there is poor room heating or problems with thermal insulation. This often happens when the air-tight seal inside the window fails, resulting in the insulating gas getting elt out of the window.

If the seal breaks and the insulation gas isn’t working, water vapor can get trapped between panes of glass.

Another common cause of foggy windows is moisture in the atmosphere. If the humidity in your home is too high, then it can lead to condensation and droplets on your window pane.

Sometimes, foggy windows will clear up on their own. If there isn’t anything wrong with the window, the condensation can dry up when it gets warmer outside. If this doesn’t happen, it may mean that you have problems with the seal on your window.

What Is Defogging?

Defogging your windows is a common practice for window repair companies that will remove the water droplets from your glass panels. It is a relatively simple treatment that can help you repair your windows rather than replacing them.

First, your window repair company will drill small holes on the outside of your window pane. This will provide better ventilation for your windows which will allow the water droplets and moisture to dry.

Waiting for the moisture to dry can take time. It may even take a couple of months for the moisture to dry completely! Once it is dry, the window repair company will close up the access points to reseal your window and prevent more water from getting inside.

Pros and Cons of Defogging Windows

There are many benefits of defogging your windows rather than replacing them. First, it will be a lot less expensive than replacing your windows. As was mentioned before, the price of windows can range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.

Defogging your window will also increase the lifespan of your glass windows! Because they are sealed, it will make your glass windows more efficient and will last much longer. Many companies even offer extended warranties that can save you money in the long run!

However, there are some disadvantages to defogging your windows. The biggest problem with defogging windows is thatĀ if there is another problem with your window, it can get foggy again.

This can also make window repair less cost-effective. If you will have to constantly repair your windows, it may be best to simply replace your windows in the first place.

Pros and Cons of Replacing Windows

The biggest benefit of replacing your entire window when it becomes too foggy is that it will completely fix your issue. With defogging, there is a chance that the process will not work or that something else will cause your windows to fog in the future.

With window replacement, the biggest drawback is that it is a more expensive solution to your problem. However, there are ways that you can save money on your window replacement. First, you can choose less expensive materials and brands to use for your windows.

Another option is to only replace the inserts of your window. You can reuse much of your old window trim to help cut costs and prevent material waste.

Should You Choose Window Replacement or Repair?

When you are determining whether you should replace your windows or repair them with a defogging treatment, there are many pros and cons for each process. One of the best ways you can determine which option is better for your windows is by getting a consultation from a window repair and replacement company.

First, they can help you identify the cause of your window fog. If it is a simple repair, they can recommend simply using a window defogging treatment.

However, if your window is old and has many other problems, they can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of replacing your entire window. Because they are professionals in the industry, they can help you identify the bests solution for your unique window problems.

By getting a free consultation from a window company in Ottawa, you can decide whether it is best to choose window replacement or window repair to fix your foggy windows.

Find Commercial Glass Repair in Ottawa to Defog Your Windows

When your windows are fogging up, there are a few options you can take. Whether you want to repair your windows and defog them or replace your windows, it is best to find a residential or commercial glass company in Ottawa to help.

If you are looking for window services in Ottawa, Window Medics can help! Contact our team today to learn more about our window repair and replacement services. Or, ask our team for a free consultation to learn whether you should defog or replace your glass windows completely.

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