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Window Glass Repair

Many homeowners are responsible for window glass replacement, whether due to damage from a severe storm or a stray cricket ball. Various factors influence the cost of window glass replacement, from fractured glass and significant scratches to a steamed-up pane of double-glazed glass.

This guide will direct you to the necessary information about the costs of replacing a single window glass pane in Canada. Whether the damage is less or major, hiring professionals is always the wisest option. A window glass replacement requires expertise that only the best professionals from Window Medics can offer.


For a variety of reasons, a window’s glass must be replaced.

You might need to replace a pane of glass in your window for several reasons.

  • Condensation between double-glazed windows is inconvenient and usually indicates that the window glass needs to be changed.
  • Draughts are caused by broken glass or a windowpane loose from the frame.
  • Major scratches can be unsightly and cause flaws in the window glass, leading to further damage or shattering.
  • Broken panes commonly cause window glass replacements, whether chip, crack, or large hole.

Window Glass Repair

Factors to consider when hiring a professional

Costs of Labor

You’ll need to take in the labor cost if you opt to employ a professional tradesperson to replace your window glass. A window expert’s average price for supplying and returning a single glazed pane of glass mostly depends on the scale of damage they must take care of.

Costs of improvement

When replacing window glass, it’s worth considering whether replacing the entire window unit is best. While the cost will be higher than replacing the glass in your window, it may be the best alternative if:

  • The window’s borders are also shattered.
  • Your window’s seal has broken.
  • Your window’s wooden frame has started to deteriorate.

Window Glass Repair

Calculate the cost of replacing window glass.

Here are some suggestions for a window glass replacement cost calculator if you’re thrifty:

  • To figure out how much it will cost to replace a window’s glass, start by counting how many window panes need to be replaced.
  • Moving further, you must measure the height and width of each window glass to determine the size of the replacement panes.
  • To get the entire window glass replacement cost, you’ll need to consider the kind and thickness of the glass.

As previously stated, this is a cost calculator for window glass replacement. Ask your local window specialists for a breakdown of expenses and options available for the same set of quotes.


Estimate for window glass replacement

It’s always advised to receive at least three quotations from various window glass specialists before replacing window glass. By implementing this, you can be sure you’re getting fair and competitive costs in your neighborhood.


Additional factors to consider

You can save money on replacement window glass by repairing the damaged window panes. If a warranty covers your windows, we recommend contacting the manufacturer before replacing the glass, as you may unknowingly void the guarantee.


The various types of windows

The style of your window will initially determine the cost of replacing your window glass. The following are some of the most common window types:


Casement windows

These are some of the most prevalent window kinds in Canada homes. Moreover, they’re one of the most adaptable solutions in the market, with a wide range of sizes, materials, and finishes.


Sash windows

Georgian and Victorian homes have most of these windows. However, they consist of vertically moving glass panes with a weighted mechanism, raising the replacement cost if the weight needs to be adjusted.


Tilt and turn

These windows are a more modern choice that opens inwards into the room, making them easier to clean and maintain. They also let you choose how wide they are open, making them ideal for families with toddlers.


Bay windows

These windows protrude from a home’s exterior wall, creating a bay area. They’re a popular choice among Canada homeowners because of their style and flexibility to expand a room.


Various types of glass

The selection will affect the amount you spend on window glass replacement and the kind of window you have.


Typical glass

Window glass in Canada is generally of good quality in energy efficiency and safety. As a result, ordinary glass compensates for most of your fundamental demands in avoiding draughts, condensation, and energy loss. It’s also the most affordable window glass replacement alternative, so it’s excellent if you’re on a budget.


Laminated glass

Significantly popular among homeowners as laminated glass puts an added layer of security. It has an additional benefit in that it has a protective coating of vinyl between the two pieces of glass. Break-in protection (laminated glass cannot be cut with glass cutters), sound reduction, and better impact and shatter resistance are just a few of the benefits.


Toughened glass

It is five times stronger and has a far better break resistance than laminated glass of the same thickness. As a result, using it to replace a windowpane will cost more than using regular or laminated glass.


Double and triple glazing

Two or three panes of glass make up double or triple glazing. The window is delivered as a single sealed unit. An inert gas like argon often fills the air gaps between panes. The thermal efficiency of these sealed units is due to the double and triple-glazed layers of glass.



Understandably, clients will look for the best professionals when a window glass replacement is required. Window Medics is an industry leader in window glass repair, restoration, and similar services. Get in touch with a Window Medics expert at 613-519-1317. You can also send an email to

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