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Common Window Problems That Can Be Easily Fixed

When a window problem arises, most homeowners want to fix the issue quickly. The majority of window issues can be fixed by identifying the root cause and getting the window repaired or its glass replaced. According to window repair experts, one of the best ways to save on windows is by repairing rather than replacing […]

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4 Problems That Can Be Fixed by Hiring Professional Window Restoration Service

Undoubtedly, glass windows look mesmerizing, increase aesthetic appeal, and enhance the value of a property. However, they get damaged over time and sometimes due to certain other reasons. When they do, homeowners may think that they need professionals for window replacement and have to spend a big amount of money again. Thankfully, window replacement service […]

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What is the Blown Seal Condition in Your Double-Pane Glass Windows that Needs Repair?

Double-pane windows, also known as thermal-insulated windows, have many advantages over single-pane windows. They have two panes of glass held apart by a metal strip and a sealant material to provide more control over your room temperatures during summer or winter days. The second layer of glass prevents drafts and heat transfer as your home […]

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Why Repair Commercial Foggy House Windows Instead of Replacing Them

As a property manager, you are responsible for ensuring that the apartments are in good condition and your tenants are happy with maintenance and upkeep. It will also attract new tenants. So, if the property has foggy windows, it is a cause for concern. Thankfully, you can now turn to Window Medics in Ottawa for […]

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Benefits of Foggy Glass Window Repair

Double and triple-pane windows are designed to have a limited lifespan. Hence, depending on the brand you purchase, the windows in your home will get foggy. This fogginess occurs due to the silica desiccant getting saturated. Rather than replacing such windows, you should opt for foggy glass window repair as it comes with a lot […]

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The Benefits Of Choosing Commercial Glass Window & Door Repair

Dual-pane insulated glass windows and doors are energy efficient. The air trapped between the glass panes creates a barrier that keeps the indoor space warm in winter and cool in summer. Besides providing a thermal barrier, these window and doors are also acoustically resistant and do not allow ambient noises to penetrate indoor. Hence, many […]

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