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Window Replacement vs Window Repair in Ottawa

A variety of factors can affect whether people replace or repair their windows. While some people replace their windows because they want to update the look of their home, others may want to replace their windows because adverse weather conditions have destroyed their current windows. Have you ever thought about when it is appropriate to […]

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How To Select The Best Glass Company?

Whether you plan to install new windows or repair your faulty window and door glass, you need to find a residential glass company Ottawa that would also provide future support. It is vital to find a reputable glass company, as their expertise in the field is just as important as the quality of the glass. […]

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Why Repairing is a Better Option for Your Foggy Window?

Most modern homes and buildings have insulated double or triple glass pane windows as they offer better energy efficiency as compared to single-pane windows. These thermal windows are a sophisticated glass unit that consists of three types of inert gases filled in the space between the window panes and contained securely with a window seal. […]

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Here’s how to Identify and Repair a Broken Window Seal

Older homes and apartments all have a single glass pane window but modern building and homes have double or triple-paned windows which have sealed glazing or insulated glass units called thermopanes. Over time, owing to the heat, cold, or temperature variations, seals on triple or double glass windows will get worn out and fail. As […]

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Can Foggy Thermal Windows be Repaired?

Modern homes have insulated double and triple pane glass windows which offer much better energy efficiency compared to their single-pane counterparts. These thermal windows can be a simple two-pane glass window with an inert gas filled in the space between the panes or it can be a more sophisticated glass unit that doubles the energy […]

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Reasons to Hire a Professional for Residential Window Repair

Windows are an essential part of your home, they not only make your home look beautiful from the outside but they also provide your home with warmth, insulation, and light. Windows also help protect your home from harsh weather, temperature, wear and tear as well as outside elements and robbers – which is why you […]

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