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Choose Fogged Glass Door Repair and Save Money

Many homes across Ottawa have double-pane glass doors. These doors can be the main entrance into homes or could be leading to the patio. Regardless of where glass doors are fixed, as a homeowner, you should know that these doors will turn foggy when they reach the end of their lifespan. The good news is […]

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Patio Glass Repair: The Perfect Solution for Foggy Patio Windows

Your patio extends the indoor living area and brings it outdoor so that you can sit and enjoy the lush greenery of your garden and spend time away from the hustle and bustle. However, if your patio windows turn foggy, it will prevent you from enjoying the outside view. It can also be frustrating as […]

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Find the Right Home Window Glass Repair Service in Ottawa

Windows come with a lifespan and once that is over, you may think that the only alternative you have is a replacement. However, that is not true. You can opt for home window glass repair in Ottawa if your windows have turned foggy and no amount of wiping and cleaning the glass is helping.   […]

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Enjoy Access to Superior Commercial Window Glass Repair

The outward appearance of your commercial property will reflect on your business. If the exterior, including the windows, looks drab, your customers will have a poor opinion of your business. Also, due to foggy windows, sunlight will not enter inside, causing the space to appear dull and drab. This can have a profound effect on […]

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3 Things to Know Before Choosing Between Complete Window Replacement and Window Glass Replacement

When planning to renovate, remodel, or perform a seasonal check, homeowners should focus on their windows. They form an important part when it comes to preparing a home for extreme winters that Ottawa experiences every year. It’s common for homeowners to replace their windows when they find them damaged or energy inefficient. Thankfully, window replacement […]

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Why Should Homeowners Prefer Window Restoration Over Replacement?

Why should a homeowner think about restoring windows instead of replacing them? Before you learn the benefits of home window glass repair and restoration, you will find the answer to this question by finding out what those old windows mean to you or your home.   There is something special about having old rustic windows. […]

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