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Foggy windows can obstruct your view of the outside and also prevent sunlight from entering inside your home. Previously, homeowners had no other alternative but to replace foggy windows. However, now it is possible to undertake window glass repair and restore foggy windows to their original state.

How Do Windows Turn Foggy?

Double- and triple-glass windows undergo a process known as solar pumping. In this process, when the windows heat up, the air between the glass panes also heats up and expands. As a result, small amounts of air are released into the surroundings through semi-permanent seals. When the windows cool down in the evenings, the air trapped between the glass panes also cools down. This causes the air from the surroundings to enter via the seals and equalize pressure and occupy the space that occurs when the air contracts after cooling. However, this air contains moisture, which the silica desiccant present in the space bar absorbs.

Over time, the desiccant gets saturated and can no longer absorb moisture. So, the moisture condenses and causes the windows to turn foggy. You cannot get rid of the fogginess by wiping or cleaning.

The Solution

Window Medics has developed a patented window glass repair technique that enables it to fix foggy windows and restore them. The cost of repairing foggy windows is a fraction of what you would pay to replace the windows. Instead, you will be able to save 50% to 70% of the cost of replacing the windows.

The technique not only does away with the fogginess, but also restores the thermal insulating properties of the windows. This unique foggy window repair method also enhances the life of the windows by up to 20 years. The average

When foggy windows get restored, they function as normal and the solar pumping will continue as usual as it is a necessary part to keep the windows functioning like they are meant to.

In Conclusion

If you are a residential or commercial property owner, you can save a lot of money by choosing foggy window repair. The experts at Window Medics will also repair minor problems, such as cracked or broken glass or hinge, when they come to repair your windows. It is a win-win repair solution for you that not only eliminates fogginess from the affected windows but also restores the windows to their original state so that you do not have to think about replacing them.

So, if you notice that your windows are turning foggy, do not wait. Instead, get in touch with the experts at Window Medics and enjoy cost savings that you may not have imagined was possible with effective and efficient window glass repair.

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