Is Residential Window Replacement the Only Solution for Foggy Windows?

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When you have to deal with foggy windows, it becomes a cause for concern and also a nuisance. You will not be able to see outside and natural light will not filter into your home. Also, the aesthetics of your home get affected. You may feel that residential window replacement is the only solution for you. Thankfully, it is not and you do not have to worry about spending tons of money to replace the affected windows.

How Do Windows Turn Foggy

All windows are manufactured with a lifespan in mind. So, it does not matter when you buy from a high-end window brand or opt for an unbranded thermal window, sooner or later, the window will turn foggy.

Thermal windows go through a process known as solar pumping. Here, when the windows are exposed to sunlight, the air between the two glass panes heats and expands. This causes undue pressure on the glass panes and to minimize this pressure, small amounts of air are vented into the surroundings. In the evenings, when the windows cool, the air trapped between the panes also cools down. This creates space that air from the surroundings rushes in to occupy. This air has moisture and that is absorbed by the silica desiccant that is present on the space bar.

Once the desiccant gets saturated, it can no longer absorb the moisture. When this happens, the moisture has no place to go so it condenses and causes the glass panes to get foggy.

Repairing and Restoring Foggy Windows

Window Medics uses a patented method to restore foggy windows. This takes away the need to replace such windows. Not only does the repair method get rid of the fogginess, but it also restores the thermal insulating properties of the windows. Furthermore, the repair enhances the life of the windows. You can expect the windows to last up to 20 years, though the average is 12 years.

This method of repairing and restoring foggy windows is extremely cost-effective. You will spend a fraction of the cost of replacing the windows. In fact, statistics show the homeowners save up to 50% to 70% of the cost of replacing the windows. That is why once homeowners find out the benefits and cost savings involved, they prefer to repair and restore foggy windows.

The Bottom Line

If you find that the windows in your home are turning foggy, there is no need to opt for expensive residential window replacement. Instead, you can get in touch with Window Medics, and the experts there will be able to fix and repair foggy windows within no time. You will find this repair service extremely affordable and the result will make you very happy, especially when you can see the views outside clearly and your heating bill is not sky-high.

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