Is Commercial Foggy Window Repair Effective?

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If your commercial setup has to contend with foggy windows, it will create a poor impression on visitors. Also, your employees will not be happy and productive as foggy windows prevent natural light from entering inside and this makes the interior space dull and drab. Research shows that workplaces that are bright, cheerful, and well-ventilated have happy and productive employees. So, what option do you have if the windows are foggy? Well, you can choose commercial foggy window repair.

Fixing Foggy Windows

Most commercial setups look for ways to economize and cut unnecessary expenses. So, when windows turn foggy, they may try to avoid doing anything as long as it is possible. Thankfully, you no longer have to worry as Window Medics offers a patented technique to fix foggy windows in commercial properties.

When windows turn foggy, it means that they have reached the end of their lifespan. Under normal circumstances, the only recourse commercial property owners had was window replacement. However, this is no longer the case. Commercial foggy window repair is cost-effective and can help you save up to 50% to 70% of the cost of replacing the affected windows.

Also, the repair technique adopted by Window Medics restores the thermal insulating properties of the windows so you do not have to worry about high heating costs. Also, the life of the windows extends by up to 20 years. So, you do not have to think of replacing the windows anytime soon.

Fixing foggy windows is a reliable and viable solution. It can help restore the functioning and look and feel of the windows with relative ease.

What Causes Windows to Fog Up?

Double- and triple-pane windows undergo a phenomenon known as solar pumping. The air between the panes expands when the glass heats up and this exerts pressure on the panes. To normalize the pressure, the expanded air is released into the surroundings. In the evenings, when the windows cool down, the reverse happens. The air contracts, creating space. So, the air from the surroundings enters the space between the two glass panes to equalize the pressure. This air contains moisture, which the silica desiccant absorbs.

The desiccant continues absorbing moisture until it gets saturated and cannot absorb any more moisture. When that happens, the moisture cannot escape outside. Instead, it condenses, resulting in foggy windows.

The Bottom Line

All windows come with a lifespan and usually, it is dependent on the quality of the silica desiccant. So, if you notice that your commercial property has foggy windows, there is no need to worry about the expense involved in replacing the affected windows. Instead, you can opt for a commercial foggy window repair service provided by Window Medics across Ottawa and the experts from the company will be able to fix the fogginess and restore the integrity of the affected windows within no time.

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