How to Repair Home Windows Glass: Tips & Tricks

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A ball from the streets may strike your windows with a thud. On the other hand, your cat can also jump in enthusiasm and cause damage to a window in your home. However, the problem is not a matter of discussion in this blog.

Instead, this blog is all about the best ways of glass window repair Ottawa. It is quite possible to repair the window damage if the crack is less than an inch long and hasn’t ripped a hole in both panes. Here’s how to do it.

Glass window repair Ottawa temporarily?

If you’re short on time, you can use one of the following quick glass window repair Ottawa tricks. However, remember that these techniques will only help you conceal the flaw. So only use them if you cannot follow the proper (and time-consuming) procedures.

Cover the area with masking tape

Using clear packing tape to cover the crack may help keep the glass intact. Apply the tape to both sides of the glass to give it the necessary adhesion to keep it together. To prevent water from getting in, use two or three layers of tape. First, make sure the tape extends beyond the crack’s length and width, then push it firmly on the window.

Paint your nails with nail polish

Fill up the crack with the nail polish brush after dipping it into the polish. As you’ll need a lot of polish to fill in the hole, use a lot of it. Allow ample time for the polish to dry before reapplying three to four times to seal the opening further. Keep in mind that nail polish can only fill in minor fissures. If the crack is wide or the damage is extensive, it will be useless.

Apply a nylon mesh patch

Cut a rectangular or square piece using a set of nylon socks. You can now fill the edges using strong glue to fill the cracks in the window. Maintain a firm grip on the patch against the window until the adhesive is completely dry. The mesh patch isn’t the best-looking idea, but it will keep cold air draughts and pests out of the room.

Use a thick piece of plastic

This strategy is identical to the one we previously explained. It would be best if you had a square piece of plastic cut from a grocery bag or tarp. First, check to see if the piece you’re going to cut is big enough to cover the crack. Next, apply duct tape around the edges of the piece and place it over the crack. Masking tape can also be used.

How to carry out glass window repair Ottawa permanently?

Here’s how to fix the cracked glass window properly:

Step 1: Gather your materials

To use this approach, you’ll need the following items:

  • Acetone
  • Cleaner for windows
  • Dishwashing liquid soap
  • Epoxy in two halves
  • Knife for applying putty
  • plate made of paper
  • rags that have been cleaned
  • Razorblade
  • Toothpick

Step 2: Wipe Down The Glasses

You can cleanse the glass using a clean cloth by pouring a few drops of dishwashing liquid. First, you’ll need to clean the glass around the break of fingerprints, oil, or dust. Then, using a dry microfiber cloth, wipe away the soapy residue and let the glass dry.

Step 3: Get the Epoxy Ready

Two-part epoxies are made up of equal parts of resin and hardener. It would be best if you mixed both before using them. Put the two ingredients on a trash plate or a piece of cardboard and mix in a well-ventilated place.

The hardener and resin are mixed in a 50/50 ratio in most circumstances. For at least 30 seconds, use a toothpick to combine the two substances. You’ll have about five to ten minutes to apply the mixture before it thickens and hardens.

Step 4: Put the Epoxy to Work

Fill up the crack with epoxy using a putty knife. Fill in the crack with epoxy by gently pressing it into the fissure. Allow at least five minutes for the same to dry.

Step 5: Get rid of extra epoxy

You may observe excess epoxy falling off the sides of the crack once the drying time has passed. Remove the excess proxy with a razor blade to keep it from falling. You can also use a dry towel and a few drops of acetone to remove any proxy that has flowed out of the crack. The glass will require at least a day to heal completely.

Step 6: Shine Up The Glass

Use a clean rag to polish the glass with a few drops of glass cleaner. This will help eliminate any visual differences that may have arisen between the crack and the entire glass.

Cracks Types that you should be concerned about

Determine the type of crack before attempting a glass window repair Ottawa. This can help you determine whether the damage can is repairable or if the entire window needs to be replaced.

Cracks caused by impact

Impact cracks form in a window when an object collides with it violently, as the name implies. For example, consider a fastball bouncing against the glass. The consequence of this type of crack is a starburst pattern with a noticeable spot at the place of impact and lines flowing outwards. It’s better to call a professional to install a replacement window if you have a crack like this.

Cracks caused by stress

These cracks are frequently caused by a significant temperature difference between the inside and outside your property. For example, if it is freezing outside and you raise the thermostat temperature to be warm in your home, stress cracks may form. These cracks are easy to repair on your own.

Cracks caused by pressure

The occurrence of pressure cracks is quite rare. They typically appear when your window is installed too low or too high, and harsh weather conditions cause abrupt pressure shifts. Their curve is similar to that of an hourglass. You can’t remedy pressure cracks on your own, just like you can’t correct impact cracks, and you might have to do a complete window replacement.


Any of the three quick-fix solutions discussed above can come in handy if you’re short on time and dealing with a slight crack. In contrast, if you want a long-lasting remedy, choose the permanent fix approach and seal the crack with a two-part proxy. In any case, if you are searching for professionals, call Window Medics experts for quality services. Get in touch with a Window Medics expert at 613-519-1317. You can also send an email at

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