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Glass windows look aesthetically pleasing. Besides, they have this innate ability to create an illusion of spaciousness. Also, glass windows allow natural light to enter your property seamlessly. And that’s why glass windows are a current rage among interior decor professionals. Be it a commercial or residential property, these glass windows look absolutely perfect for everyone.

However, as much as they look stylish and elegant, glass windows require regular maintenance. The most common issue that property owners often complain about is crack development in glass window panes. With the passage of time, glass panes often develop cracks. There are several factors that lead to these cracks in the glass window panes. Rough handling, extreme weather conditions etc., are a few of them.

If you are unsure about the best company that repair glass crack Ottawa, this blog will surely guide you to one. Read on to know which company is the best when it comes to offering window glass crack repair services in Ottawa.


Why do glass window panes develop cracks easily?

In order to understand the reason behind the cracks that you can see on your glass window panes, it is important to acknowledge the causes of the cracks. Below mentioned are the different types of cracks and their causes:

Stress cracks/Thermal shock cracks

If the cracks on your glass windows seem smooth and perpendicular, and they are visible around the edges, then know that these are stress cracks. And they occur because of multiple reasons, such as extreme ups and downs in temperature, too much difference in outdoor and indoor temperatures, inaccurate installation or positioning of the window frame and so on.


Pressure cracks

Such cracks are caused by differences in barometric pressure. When there are rapid alterations in pressure, they lead to curvy pressure cracks on the window panes. These cracks can be avoided by maintaining a suitable temperature that does not vary widely.


Impact cracks

Impact cracks occur because of sudden impacts, such as someone hitting the panes way too hard. A kid playing with a baseball or someone closing the window too hard in a hurry will lead to impact cracks on the panes. Such cracks commonly take place while you are shifting from one property to another. They can also happen if you have kids or pets at home.


Why is DIYing glass window cracks a BAD idea?

If you are not a window glass repair expert, then avoid DIYing the cracked glass windows at your place. First of all, you are not equipped with the level of professional knowledge to fix cracked glass window panes. Secondly, it can be extremely dangerous as broken glass shards may injure you or your loved ones. Also, in the process of trying to repair the cracks, you may end up imparting more damage to your glass windows. Hence, it is advisable to hire a reputed company that can repair glass crack Ottawa.



Window Medics- The #1 solution for your cracked window glass panes!

Are you habitual of banging your glass windows way too loudly? Are there mischievous kids running around who may smash the glass windows? Is your place exposed to extreme weather conditions? If any of these questions have an affirmative answer, you must be in touch with Window Medics.

As the name suggests, this company is basically the doctor for glass windows. They literally fix glass window issues with so much ease. Especially if your glass window panes have developed cracks, Window Medics is there to help you out.


Why choose the exceptional services of Window Medics?

Window Medics is a prominent name in the window glass repair industry. They are ruling the window glass repair industry with their insanely good services at feasible prices. So, if you have started seeing minute cracks on your window panes, it is time to get in touch with Window Medics professionals. But why is Window Medics special? Scroll down and know the details!


Team of experts

Window Medics hires only the experts in their team. They have different teams of technicians who cater to different issues. Their screening process has always been quite difficult. So, if you are in search of someone who can repair your cracked glass windows, Window Medics has got your back. It has got one of the best teams in Ottawa, which can fix the cracks without damaging your entire window. They understand the fragility of the situation and offer expert solutions without causing any further damage.


Years of experience

Window Medics has been repairing cracked glass windows for many years now. They have garnered decades of experience. This enriching experience guides them to offer unique solutions to their customers. Window Medics is indeed a name that you can trust with your time and money.



If a limited budget is your concern, then fret not! Window Medics offers the best quality crack fixing services for your glass windows at a very nominal price. They have kept the price range absolutely low so that you do not have to think twice before hiring their service for maintaining your glass window panes. You can even grab some amazing deals and discounts if you are lucky enough.



There are so many franchises of Window Medics spread across Ottawa. They offer their franchise for just $35,000. And hence more and more entrepreneurs eagerly join the Window Medics family with enthusiasm. As a result, you get easy access to Window Medics outlets in your local area.


Wrapping up!

Now that you know about Window Medics, the moment you see a crack in your glass window pane, immediately connect with the experts. Delaying such issues only aggravate the problem. Their customer support team is available for you round the clock. Simply call them or drop a mail requesting a callback and sharing your issues.

Window Medics can fix the cracks in your window glass like a pro. Rely on their flawless work and maintain the plush charm of your glass windows.

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